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Hyper Dragon Ball Z available for free download on PC

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The fan made fighting game Hyper Dragon Ball Z is now available for free download on PC and Mac. The authors have completed work on the project and published the “Champ Build”, which is the complete and definitive version of the game.

The Golden Age of the MUGEN, we have already seen it happen. Everything is a revolution in its moment where any user with a minimum of knowledge could create a game, character and scenarios in this fantastic game engine. Hyper Dragon Ball Z is one of them and here we tell you all about its new version.

Hyper Dragon Ball Z is a 2D fighting game that takes inspiration from titles like Dragon Ball Z Super Butōden and Dragon Ball Z Hyper Dimension, which is proposed as a spiritual heir. The roster includes all the main characters of the series, the game also features various modes such as Training, Arcade, Vs and Team Versus.

The version published in these days is called “Champ Build”, it contains a lot of characters, each of the moves that you will know right away if you’re a fan of manga or cartoon.

The download of Hyper Dragon Ball Z is completely free, for instructions on installation and configuration, we refer you instead to the Facebook page of the game.

In the below video you can instead see a little character combo.