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Hundreds of Pokémon GO players invade Central Park to capture Vaporeon

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Fever of Pokémon GO is reaching unimaginable levels, as people went crazy when a Vaporeon appeared in Central Park, New York, so a lot of people ran to catch the pocket monster.

Pokémon GO - Vaporeon

Fever of Pokémon GO does not seem to decrease as the days go by, on the contrary, the phenomenon is increasing with counting number of users. Thus, unusual and bizarre situations are still happening more and more often and, in this case the community has responded massively (even disproportionately) to the occurrence of Vaporeon.

The video, released by the page of Facebook Pokémaster, shows hundreds of players of Pokémon GO running around with their cell phones to catch Vaporeon. We can even see individuals get off their cars to go to catch this Pokémon.

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This is not the first time crowds are running behind a Pokémon. On July 13, hundreds of people gathered in Downtown Park, located in Bellevue, Washington, when a small wild Squirtle made its appearance.

In recent news, we know that Nintendo shares on the stock rose 86% due to the effect of Pokémon GO. In addition, a man decided to quit his job to devote all his time to Pokémon GO.

And if you’re sick of this augmented reality game, you will not be other than put up, for an analysis indicated that the fever of Pokémon GO could last longer than you expect.