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Humble Borderlands Bundle with Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution DLC and other packs download available now

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Humble Bundle always has some amazing deals when it comes to games. Right now new information came about the Humble Borderlands Bundle. The pack is getting a DLC added, called as Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution. There are two more packs that will be provided for download along with the DLC.

Humble Borderlands Bundle
Humble Borderlands Bundle

Humble Bundle is ideal for those who want to buy few bunch of games at a very reasonable price. This type of deal is not easy to find. The new bundle that is announced will also have Borderland and Borderlands 2 at the same time. With that, the pack will also have a coupon which might offer you around 75% discount on some package. There would be good download in the package and also it would be interesting to go for. Having a new DLC would be impressive for those who want a bit more with the game. It is a good package deal that would cost around $7 for everything.

You get two version of Borderland game and with that you will also get the DLC. So here the bundle is giving you more this time. There was a similar pack which was revealed few days ago that was having multiple version of the same game. It looks like the game is quite popular due to which it was repeated with new stuff. Humble Bundle also helps you to choose the game you want to buy. On the official site you can find ample of details about the same. In total there are 12 games to choose from with a 75% discount coupon.