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Huawei Claims Its Mate 20 X Smartphone is Better Than Nintendo Switch

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One of the main successes of Nintendo Switch is the offer of a quality portable experience that allows you to bring important titles to any place, an idea that even before the departure of the hybrid console was a costly option and of doubtful performance. Now that Nintendo’s hardware is a phenomenon it has become an exemplary product for many companies and today Huawei gave that talk about it in the presentation of their new smartphone.

According to a report, during the presentation of Huawei’s Mate 20 X smartphone, the company’s representatives included a comparison with Nintendo Switch, ensuring that their product is better for playing. The information indicates that when it comes to the presentation of a smartphone, the expectation was to be compared with products with which it competes, such as Apple and Samsung, however, the Chinese company preferred to compare the device with the Nintendo hybrid console.

In that sense, Huawei presented an image in which it showed the Mate 20 X along with a Nintendo Switch and a phrase that ensures that the smartphone is a “better portable game machine.” It should be mentioned that the price of the smartphone is $900 USD.

Subsequently, Huawei highlighted the screen size of Mate 20 X comparing to the screen of Switch, noting that the size of its smartphone measures 7.2 inches, unlike the 6.2 inches of the hybrid console, and noting that it can display a resolution of 1080p, superior to the 720p offered by Nintendo hardware.

Finally, the Chinese company boasted the battery capacity of the Mate 20 X, ensuring that the device can last without charge and playing games for more than 6 hours, unlike the 3 hours that Switch currently offers with its current model.

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