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How You Can Buy The Best Used Car In 2021

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The time has finally come to buy the new car and say goodbye to the old one. Now that you are ready to take the big step, you do not know if it is better to privately sell the used car. If it is better to sell it to the car showroom where you intend to buy the new one. In reality, neither of the two is the best solution, in the first case you will practically end up having a small discount on the purchase of the new one. In the second, instead, you will have to shoulder the burden of making an announcement. Responding to all requests for information, and, finally, sell. But without the certainty of not being scammed. From this guideline, you will know how you can buy the best used car. Let’s start with the guideline.


Getting know: how you can buy the best used car in 2021?

Since there are also scams in the second-hand market for those who sell the car. So? So before seeing how many alternatives there are, let’s make a good point so that you can evaluate for yourself the best solution for you.


When you need to buy a new car and want to get rid of the used car. One of the options you have is to take it to the dealer where you intend to buy the new one and trade-in. The term exchange indicates an exchange. Although in this case, it is not strictly a “fair” exchange. In fact, when you deliver the old car to the dealer to have a new one, as you can imagine. You still have to pay a figure for the new one. Let’s take an easy example.

buy the best used car: exchange at the dealer.

The car you want to buy costs 18 thousand euros, and the dealer 14 thousand euros value your used car. In this case, you will have to add 4 thousand euros to get your new car and say goodbye to the old one. But there is another condition: clearly, the new car you are going to buy must have a higher price than the valuation of your used vehicle. To be clear, you cannot buy a 10 thousand euro car, and your used car has been valued at 11 thousand, but not even a car of equal value. Typically the dealer puts a minimum price cap in case of trade-in. Obviously, he does not sell for charity and must not lose out.

In some cases, the dealer even establishes that it does not accept exchanges with a used one that has a value greater than 40 or 50% of the new one, but this depends on the dealer if the car model is in great demand on the market it will not make a fuss. 

Besides the dealer, what possibilities are there?

Clearly, resorting to the dealer is only one of the possibilities you have. However, many resort to it because they think they will save significantly on purchasing the new one. Because they are in a hurry to sell and have the new one’s steering wheel in their hands. Car. However, if you are not in a great hurry, another alternative is to sell your car privately. What does it involve, though? Well, first of all, a series of burdens that you must be willing to shoulder, and we repeat if you do not feel like stressing yourself or wasting time with the sale. This is not the best way.

So why do so many decide to sell their used equipment as private individuals? Obviously. Because you earn more than contacting a dealer, and above all. You do not have the constraint of choosing a specific dealer. However, there are many, really many problems to manage in the face of a greater gain. 


The scams for those who sell the car – buy the best used car.


We were talking about scams. One of the most common is that of ‘ cashier‘s check, obviously the more the car you have to sell has value, the easier it is to find yourself in this circumstance, even if by now this scam is also affecting sellers of less luxury cars. So what does it consist of? In short, the car is paid with an overdraft cashier’s check. If you think this can’t happen, well, know that the bank needs a few days to check if the check buys the full amount or not. In the meantime, your buyer will have vanished into thin air, and you will find yourself without goat and cabbage, to put it bluntly. 

Have Certificate sell your car


Thanks to Certificate, you can have a third opportunity. Sell you are used in a safe and guaranteed way. Certificate not only checks used cars to verify their real state but can sell your car in your place, avoiding all that series of burdens and headaches we have just talked about. Ok, you will say, but if I sell with Certificate, I lose it. In reality, this is not the case because it is not certain that the dealer can make you the best offer. Clearly, he doesn’t have to lose.

With Certificate, you sell your car, and you immediately have the agreed amount so you can buy your new car wherever you want without restrictions. This way, you save time, and above all, you won’t have to be afraid of being scammed. If you ask me how you can buy the best used car? Then here is the complete solution for you. Happy reading.