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How to verify youtube channel easily in 2020

how to verify youtube channel

Youtube is a popular video-sharing platform. In this platform, you can see videos and also share your verify. You can earn money from it by sharing your videos. But some peoples don’t know how he can ascertain a youtube channel. I’m facing this problem as well. There are many unverified channels on YouTube, and the worst is confirmed but does not use its advantages. Today I tell you to step by step how to verify youtube channel and all its benefits.


But before we start – how to verify the youtube channel.

The first thing you need before starting is to have a phone number and a YouTube channel. I imagine that if you are here, you already have both. The fact is that I have seen many tutorials and step-by-step guides on how to verify a YouTube account without a mobile phone, but this is not true. The number you always need, what these accounts do, teaches you how to create phone numbers on internet pages. 





What it takes to write your number is the same as it takes to create an account on one of those pages. If privacy is your concern, you can buy a phone number just for these things. Think that accessing these pages with your Facebook account etc. is also playing with your privacy. Also, if you put your phone in Google, you can activate the verification in two steps, and nobody will be able to access your account without you knowing it. 

How to have a channel verified step by step

Here is the video if you want to see how I do it, but don’t worry, it’s super simple, and you can do it in just a few steps. 

Step 1: Go to the verification panel.

Open Youtube and at the bottom left, you will see an option that says ” settings. ” Then click on ” channel status and functions,” and you will have reached the verification panel. 

Type in your browser  Important: you logged into Google. Remember that the Google account is the same YouTube account unless you have a brand channel or several YouTube accounts created with the same email; in that case, you will have to select which channel you want to enter.

Step 2: Verify with your mobile phone.

Both steps take you to this screen; now that you have reached the verification panel, you have to click on ” verify. ” A new page will appear to confirm by phone number.

 You write your number and select if you prefer to be called or want to receive an SMS. Then you click Send. You will receive a message or a call with the code; now, you have to enter the code and press send again.

Congratulations!! you already have your channel verified

The options for personalized thumbnails, external annotations, private videos.

What can you do, and what are the advantages of having a verified channel?

Verifying is much more than getting a tick ✓ to appear next to your name. Thanks to this, you will be able to do many things, as you have seen in the previous image.

There is something you have to know, and that is that there are three levels of verification : 

– the basic one, which we just did.

– partner verification means that you can put ads on your videos and have a super chat. To request this verification, you need to have all functionalities in green (as we see in the image), without copyright problems, etc., and also, you have to reach 4000 hours of viewing in the last year and reach 1000 subscribers.

– advanced verification: to unlock shares as channel members (with 30,000) and distinctive assurance from 100,000 subscribers.

VERIFYING YOUR CHANNEL YOU CAN – how to verify youtube channel

But do not be discouraged; just by checking your channel, you can do things like:

– Change thumbnails

– Put external links in your YouTube header

– Upload videos of more than 15 minutes

– Make ID appeals, in case someone copies a video for you


Conclusion on how to verify youtube channel

If you want to learn how to make thumbnails step by step and attract your audience, I recommend this course or the introductory course to YouTube to put external links in the header and all the steps to create a channel.

If you are following this article step by step then you can know how to verify youtube channel easily.


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