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How to Record Your Screen with Less Effort

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Capturing the screen is a frequent phenomenon today, because most people get that need, for example, to record the online videos for later playback, keep the important and instant messages, or preserve the valuable moments shared on social media platforms. To meet people’s demands, the recording tools are designed to be simpler and much easier to use. Today, we will introduce RecordAnyVid in depth, which is an outstanding screen recorder and has been many people’s top choice to record the screen on PC

RecordAnyVid Overview


  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface;

  • Multifunctional features for adjusting video/audio recordings;

  • Various output options available;

  • Mouse effect is provided for making video tutorial.

RecordAnyVid is a light-weight, straightforward, and user-friendly program that offers the high definition recording service to both Windows and Mac users. You only needs the least effort to get the content you need recorded. In addition, RecordAnyVid allows users to customize their recordings by offering a full control. From the recording size, volume, to more advanced settings like sample rate, bitrate, and channels, can all be set in the personalized options. 




If you want to make your recordings to be widely accepted by more devices and media players, don’t worry, because RecordAnyVid has offered various output options for you to choose. Common formats like MP4, WMV, MOV, F4V, AVI, TS, GIF, MP3, WMA, AAC, M4A are available for encoding the output recordings according to your need.


In addition, RecordAnyVid allows users to fully master the program by allowing them to set the hotkeys in preferences. Therefore, all users can enjoy the most convenient recording service brought by RecordAnyVid without hassle.


>> Download RecordAnyVid on Windows/Mac <<


Although RecordAnyVid offers a registered version that requires user to purchase the license code, you have the chance to try its free version ahead of all. The restrictions of RecordAnyVid free trial only have:


* You cannot record video/audio for over 3 minutes;

* The clipping and trimming tools are not available for using.


But it’s been enough for users who only need a very short video/audio clip. Also, the free trial version doesn’t have limited the times on using the program. You have unlimited chances to experience its free service.


How to Capture Screen on Windows/Mac


The simple guide on how to capture screen with RecordAnyVid on Windows/Mac is provided below.


STEP 1. Launch RecordAnyVid on your Windows/Mac, then select Video Recorder in its main feed. 

STEP 2. Preset the settings in Video Recorder section. When the settings is done, click on the REC button to start recording. 

STEP 3. When the recording is done, stop the recording and you will be prompted to the previewing window. Simply click on Save and you can get the recording saved.


RecordAnyVid is such a simple but powerful recorder that can help you capture any screen on computer. Try it now and you would also be impressed by this program.