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how to post on instagram from pc without any troubles

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After reading my guide on how to post on Instagram from pc. You will have become an avid user of the famous app. Your posts are successful in public too. But from time to time. You may want to share them from your computer again, where you regularly pour any shots you take with your digital camera. Well, you know you can!

It is possible to be successful by using some special tools or a “trick” available to everyone. If you want to know how to post on Instagram from pc. You know that I can explain how to do it in detail. These are elementary procedures, but I advise you to focus primarily on using the first solution that I’m going to talk about. As an Instagram official resource, it does not pose any risks related to violating its terms of use.


Getting started with how to post on Instagram from pc without any error


Before resorting to third-party solutions. It is essential to consider that Instagram wants to keep the ability to upload photos as an exclusive feature of its apps (and online services). Users who turn to software or services developed by third parties may face “penalties” such as B with the deletion of hashtags (which reduces the images) or even with the account’s blocking. In this regard, please note that I am not responsible for any penalties that may be applied to your Instagram account after using unofficial programs. Clear? Well, then let’s ban the chatter and take action. Good read!

Methos for the upload posts on Instagram


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The first solution I want to tell you about in this guide is Facebook Creator Studio. It is a tool for managing Instagram business accounts connected to a Facebook page. It is also possible to use it for posting photos and videos on Instagram from a computer, as only a simple browser is used to use it.



To take advantage of this, first, connect to the official website and log into your Facebook account if you haven’t already. Now press the Start button, and in the main screen of Creator Studio, first press the Next (twice) and Finish buttons to close the first tutorial displayed to you.

What’s the thing we should remind


Then click the Instagram icon in the top menu to connect the photographic social network account. To do this, click the Connect Account button and then click OK. After this preparatory step, you can publish multimedia content to Instagram from a PC. As? As simple as that! First, click the Create Post button located in the top left corner. Then press the Instagram Feed entry in the menu that appears.

Now upload a photo and select from the images in your computer’s media gallery by clicking the From Uploaded Files button.

Alternatively, if the photo you want to upload to Instagram previously published on the Facebook page associated with the account. Click the Facebook page button to select it and take it from the Facebook page’s media library.

From the Instagram web – how to post on instagram from pc


As mentioned at the beginning of the post, another solution to upload photos from PC to Instagram is to use the Instagram Web, the online version of Instagram, in combination with an extension to change the user agent.

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If you’ve never heard of it. The user agent is a string of characters that the browser communicates with the websites you visit. Allowing them to identify the navigation program, operating system, and device used.

Therefore  If changed, you can use this string to “hide” the browser’s identity and track the websites you visit into believing that you are using a different device. In your case, you can trick Instagram into thinking that you are using a smartphone or tablet.

To change your browser’s user agent, you can use browser settings or, if you wish, free extensions that you can easily find online. In this context, you will find the instructions for all common browsers for surfing the Internet below.

Final words on how to post on Instagram from pc


Therefore Depending on your needs and preferences. You can upload photos from PC to Instagram by choosing the images available in computer memory . Those in BlueStacks built-in memory.

To use the pictures already on your computer, click the Select from Windows item on the BlueStacks Instagram window. To use the images stored in BlueStacks storage, press the app’s gallery item instead. I hope you will get a good concept on how to post on Instagram from pc quickly. If you have any asks, let us know via email or comment on us on the blog.