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How to play WOWs on Xbox?

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World of Warships is a famous game by about naval clashes of WWII warships. The game was released on Pc in 2015. It reached the consoles only in 2019. However, the waiting was worth it. World of Warships: Legends is the console version of WOWs on Xbox with all the features of the original Pc game and a fully adapted console interface and controls. 

Where to begin? 

You can play WOWs on Xbox: Legends through the Microsoft store. Log in to your Xbox account, enter the store, find the game, and download it. You do not have to purchase anything or make anything special. Everything is quite simple. 

Learn game mechanics

Before jumping right into the action, it would be wise to learn more about game mechanics, ship types, and their role on the battlefield. Check out this world of warships review to learn the basics. You may watch tutorial videos and read the guides as well. You can never be fully prepared for a battle, but having at least basic knowledge will increase your chances of survival and even success

World of Warships: Legends has a bit faster pace in comparison with the original Pc version. Therefore, it has an additional layer of challenge for new players. In general, warships are far less maneuverable than planes and have less tactical space than ground vehicles. Therefore, the key to success is coordinated teamwork and reliance on teammates’ knowledge. It is essential to know how the game works and what is expected of you to contribute to the team’s victory. 

Learn the game modes 

Mechanics of the game works within different match types. There are several regimes in World of Warships legends, but the most popular are deathmatch and capture the point. The first regime is to destroy all enemy ships and try to survive. The capture point is more strategical and requires more cooperation with your teammates. Each of the modes requires different world of warships ships’ compositions and tactics to win. 

Communicate with teammates 

Communication is an essential part of any multiplayer game, and World of Warships is no exception. Watercraft are pretty slow, and the resolution of a fight may take a minute or even more. However, it is vital to keep in contact with your teammates, coordinate your actions, or execute maneuvers. A well-coordinated team, which holds constant communication has more chances for success than a bunch of random players. WOWs on Xbox communication ecosystem allows adding your teammates into the friend list and keeping contact after the match is finished. Finding a reliable team is one of the important steps while you master the. 

Adjust the settings 

World of Warships: Legends looks incredible on the consoles. The detailing of water and sky is on an unprecedented level. The models of the ships are highly detailed as well. The game runs perfectly on Xbox One, but for the most qualitative experience, the Xbox series X version is the best option with the almost absent time of loading, high frame rate, and resolution. 

Still, there are options, which shall be adjusted for the comfortable game. Interface indication and scale, in-game tips, and overall image presentation shall help you immerse in the game and not distract. The same is fair for the control scheme – try different ones and choose the most optimal for you. World of Warships: Legends works smoothly on Xbox, but an additional pick on the settings would not be superfluous. 

Familiarize yourself with ships 

World of Warships offers a great variety of nations and ships which these nations provide. You should play at least once each of them to know which playstyle fits you most and what to expect from your enemies. World of warships ships offer cruisers, carriers, battleships, and destroyers. Cruisers are universal ships that are good in both defense and attack, good starting options. Destroyers are fast and maneuverable ships, which fit for the fast-paced and aggressive gameplay. Battleships are the most dangerous and, at the same time, the most vulnerable ships on the battlefield. They fit for experienced players who know how to act in the heat of battle. Finally, carriers are the most passive ships on the map but still, they play a vital role. Carriers provide support and intel where it is needed. In addition to the ship classes, the nations’ features have to be taken into account. Russian Empire and USSR ships have good armor and medium-range cannons. Japanese ships are maneuverable but fragile. American ships are an optimal choice for beginners because the ships have balanced parameters. On the other hand, British ships fit for more experienced players, who already know ins and outs of the game. Try different combinations of nations and battleships classes to find the most optimal gameplay style for you. 

Learn the captains

Captains are separate mechanics in the World of Warships: Legends. These units not only command your ships but also provide different passive bonuses to your watercraft. Choosing the right and skilled captain for your next battle is a crucial component for survival and victory. Do not neglect various captain’s options and try to pick the officer whose bonuses will accomplish the ship parameters. World of Warships: Legends has a wide roster of unique captains that receives regular updates. For example, the last update brought captains from the “Azur Lane” franchise, shaking up the WOWs on Xbox experience. 

Join the community

World of Warships is a popular game, and World of Warships: Legends inherits a great and welcoming community of players. You may conquer dangerous waters alone but doing it with crewmates is easier and more fun. Joining the game’s community is not only an additional good time but also valuable pieces of advice on game tactics, mechanics, and strategies. World of Warships is forgiving to novice players, but you need to master all of the game tricks if you want to reach the top positions. Experienced players share their vision of the game and successful techniques of playing. 


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