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Calling all students: how to level up your side hustle game

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Whether you are just starting your first degree, you are in the midst of a degree program or returning to school, the thought of surviving the student lifestyle can be daunting. College is not cheap, and neither are living expenses, so finding ways to generate some more income while studying could go a long way. Making money through online gambling in NJ could be just one easy and fun way of earning a little bit of pocket money. 

With two-thirds of students in the US taking on debt, concern about making money while studying has become a national problem. Added to that is the fact that, by nature of being a student, your schedule likely will not allow for a nine-to-five style job. 

Thankfully, there are now more opportunities than ever for students to develop active side hustles, thanks to the gig economy. A side hustle or two will allow you to essentially be your own boss and make money according to your personal schedule. 

Are finals coming up? You can dial down your efforts and let things pick back up in a month or two once the dust has settled. Below are a few of the best side hustles that both online and offline students can utilize to their advantage. 

Get writing

There are a number of online platforms like Upwork, Gengo, and Translators Café that advertise work for translators, writers, and copy editors. The rates will vary depending on your language capabilities and the demands of the project. You will likely need to pass a fluency test before winning translation work. 

If writing or editing is more your skillset, you will also be able to find and bid for work on platforms like Upwork. Some of the work on offer includes content writing, social media management, copy editing textbooks, and ghost-writing. Winning work can be difficult as it is competitive, but it will become increasingly easy to do so as you continue to develop a portfolio. 

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Tell them what you really think 

Do you have opinions that you want to share? Of course you do. Why not try taking online surveys? Market data and consumer insights are precious resources for large corporations, and they are willing to pay for it. By signing up with companies like Survey Junkie, Toluna, and Nielsen Digital Voice, you will be able to complete surveys for points that you will then be able to redeem for cash or gift cards. Not a bad deal, right? 

Try data entry 

While data entry may tend towards the monotonous, it is an easy way to make money from the comfort of your dorm room. Sites like The Smart Crowd, Clickworker, and DionData allow you to register for free and you can then sign on to perform various tasks like proofreading, categorizing data, and correcting and updating consumer information. Although data entry may not be glamorous, it is easy to do, and it is something you can work on at your own speed throughout the day to suit your busy schedule.  

Start selling your stuff

If your closet happens to be bulging with clothes that you no longer use, but your bank account is empty, consider selling some of your unwanted stuff online. Sites like Depop, Poshmark, and eBay make it very easy to advertise your clothes, to manage communication with potential purchasers, and to sell to buyers from around the world. Other sites like Marketplace, Gazelle, Etsy, and Amazon are great for selling everything from electronics to books to vintage clothes and crafts. 

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Give tutoring a try 

Regardless of the subject you are studying, you can always tutor others to make extra cash on your own time. Most campuses will offer tutoring roles in writing or math centers so that you can assist your fellow students. You can also try advertising your tutoring on forums, social media, or through printouts posted on campus. 

To expand your market, you can also try online tutoring. Many different online tutoring platforms will match you with students looking for tutors in a variety of subjects. There are also a number of tutoring sites like PopExpert, Chegg Turtor, and Wyzant that require an application for you to register. Once you are registered, though, you will then be able to view tutoring opportunities in your local area. 

These are just a few ways to generate cash while studying but, when paired with money-saving techniques, these tips can help you make money while you are also busy with your course work. While it can be daunting to become a student, it will gradually become less intimidating if you are able to try out a few side hustles and stick with whichever ones work best for your schedule, your wallet, and your personal preferences.