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How to Level Up in Fortnite as Fast as Possible

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There are many situations when you may decide to jumpstart your success in Fortnite. For example, you decided to go pro — as a sportsperson or a streamer. What do you need for that? You may want to know how to change Fortnite nickname (in case your current one isn’t imposing enough or easy to remember) and learn how to promote your blog. Still, you first need to gain credibility to level up to look like a seasoned player (pun intended).

So, how does one quickly level up in Fortnite? Here are some tricks that can get you up dozens of levels in a single day. Or two, but if you’re serious about it, you will afford this time. So, here are some tricks that will help you gain more XP and level up quicker during the current Season 3 of the current Chapter 3. Some of them may apply later as well, with some adjustments.


Regular Methods

While you’re on Fortnite playing as you should, aiming to become the last one standing, you can, in the meanwhile, care about your XP. Here are tricks that will help you gain XP more efficiently.

  • Aim for the head. Headshots are a lucrative skill in terms of XP return.
  • Do the daily quests. Not that they are very rewarding, with just 1.000 XP per quest, but for the first three quests a day, you get bonuses that result in 48,000 XP, which is quite an efficient way.
  • Do the season quests. The reward they get you is comparable to that from daily quests.
  • Destroy objects. To do a lot of it quickly, getting a vehicle and equipping it with a cowcatcher is recommended. For a couple of gold bars, you can buy them from an NPC; this method will not be available for long, though. With a cowcatcher, you can drive through houses and smash everything in your way.
  • Complete stages by hitting weakpoints with your pickaxe. You can reach the 125 hits necessary for completing a stage in 2 or 3 games. To do it quicker, apply this to shipping containers or metal structures.
  • Give more time to Reality Falls. There you can find multiple Reality Saplings planted by other players. Go from tree to tree, shoot the fruits on them, and get rewarded. If you land there, you won’t be the only one, so you’ll have to alternate your quest with fighting.
  • Travel in a baller. As you get into the baller at Rave Cave and direct it to the tracks, you can do whatever you want with the game running in the background. A great way if you have a lot of other jobs to do, though relatively slow.
  • You can also get into the baller and spend some time jumping through the trees around the Rave Cave, catching the treetops with the spiderwebs the baller releases. Spending time this way also brings you some good XP rewards.


  • Visit all the landmarks and POI in as few games as possible (realistically, two or three). That will give you one level up. Of course, it needs to be done swiftly, so you should start it right as you jump off the bus and get yourself a ride.
  • Visit creative maps. They also boost your XP by the very fact you’re there.
  • Get Deathrun codes and do the death runs. These platformer-like challenges are among the best XP boosters, but they are named for a reason.
  • Play Fortnite Impostors. As you may have guessed, this mode is similar to Among Us but in the Fortnite setting. It will also bring you rich rewards.


You can play Fortnite as a lone wolf who tries to outlive all the rivals in the death match. But there are some ways you can change your attitude and thus benefit for example. Level up quicker. Here is what you should learn:

  • Party Assist is great. With it, you can complete your tasks quicker. And your teammates’ skills might get you some XP where otherwise you’d get bupkis: for example, do some headshots while you don’t shine as a sniper.
  • Unconventional modes are also great. You may feel good in your regular groove, but getting beyond your world and exploring what else Fortnite’s got in store also helps. Some modes reward you very generously if you know the approach.
  • Just enjoy it! Leveling up fast is not your final aim, anyway. You may want to enjoy completing quests, reach higher-level ones, or just create an impression of a great player. But what about enjoying being a good player? If you enjoy what you do, it’s half the solution, and you won’t have to grind for XP but check it once in a while.

We hope these recommendations have helped you progress faster in the current season. But that it makes no sense unless you remember to enjoy the game while reaching new marks.