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How To Know If I Have a Valid Worker’s Comp Claim

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Studies show that Americans suffer more than 3 million on the job injuries annually which equates to more than 8,400 job related injuries daily. This leaves many employers wondering if they should always file workers’ comp claims or if there is a standard to let them know when to file. 

It can be a slippery slope because employers want to do the right thing but they don’t want to file a frivolous claim either. So, how do employers know if a work-related injury or illness is one that requires one of those workers’ comp claims to be filed? 

Does The Injury Require Medical Intervention?

An easy standard for most workers’ comp claims is if the illness or injury requires the medical intervention of a professional, then a claim should probably be filed. Sometimes things happen at work and employees suffer everyday illnesses or injuries. 

This means an injury requiring a band-aid is an everyday injury but lacerations which require a medical professional to treat are probably good reasons to file worker’s comp claims. Some employers keep a nurse practitioner on staff who can recommend whether workers’ comp claims should be filed or not. 

Will the Employee Receive a Bill for Treatment

Not all work-related injuries are an emergency making those workers’ comp claims even more confusing. To further complicate matters, every state has different rules regarding workers’ comp claims. Some states may require claims to be filed in just a few days while other states allow years.

Regardless of your state guidelines, if you feel it’s necessary to file workers’ comp claims it’s always best to do so sooner rather than later. If an employee is injured on the job and they must seek treatment they will need to pay for, then it’s best to file a workers’ comp claim. 

Incentivized Reporting

The number of workers’ comp claims reported annually affects the premium employers pay for their workers’ comp insurance and so does the length of time it takes to report said claims. Insurance companies want employers to provide a safe job site for people to work in.

Sometimes insurance companies may incorporate a discount into a workers’ comp policy for an employer’s timely reporting of injuries. If employers wait too long to report workers’ comp claims, then they could lose their premium discount. Furthermore, delayed reporting of workers’ comp claims is a misdemeanor in some states. 

It’s Best To Report Workers’ Comp Claims Immediately

Workers’ comp claims can be a little confusing because the laws are just a little different in every state. The best rule of thumb is that any on the job injury which requires the medical intervention of a professional or medical care an employee will need to pay for, then workers’ comp claims should be filed. If you aren’t sure about a specific injury, then it’s always best to go ahead and file workers’ comp claims. Regardless of state guidelines, it’s always best to file immediately for your protection and to ensure a good reporting record.