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How to Get Prepared for Christmas

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After a tough few years for the UK, this Christmas is promising to be one of the biggest yet; families will reconvene for the first time in a long while, and the celebrations will be grand to suit. But pulling a full Christmas together can be tough on short notice – so how can you be prepared for Christmas well?

Get into the Christmas Spirit

Getting your Christmas planned and organised can easily become a stressful experience, and consume what should otherwise be a period of joy and relaxations; as such, before you think about making concrete Christmas plans for yourself and your loved ones, spend some time getting yourself into the Christmas spirit. A good start could be to pull out your Christmas decorations early, and spend a day getting your home Christmas-ready. Putting up your tree is a sure-fire way to start getting excited about the festive period – and putting on some Christmas flicks while you decorate can only help! 

Plan Some Festive Activities- Prepared for Christmas

You don’t need to wait until the 12 Days of Christmas to enjoy them. Fill your December with Christmassy plans; take your partner for a romantic visit to your local Christmas market, or plan larger festive outings with your family. You could also set up a Secret Santa for you and your friends, culminating in a pre-Christmas party to allow you to celebrate with pals you might not be able to see on the day.  You could exchange your gifts over a pre-Christmas dinner and drinks, and play some festive party games together.

You should also make sure you have your plans in place for the Christmas break itself. If you’re receiving family for Christmas Day, are there any family traditions to honour? Maybe you could book a table at your local pub for a friendly, boozy Christmas lunch, or at the very least pencil in a walk around some nearby greenery. For Boxing Day, you could make plans to make the most of the modern tradition of Boxing Day sales.

Get Your Christmas Shopping Done Early

The ultimate way to tie off your Christmas preparations is to get your Christmas shopping done ahead of time. High street shopping can get hairy the closer it gets to Christmas Day, and even with online shopping things can very quickly run out of stock. To save yourself the trouble of rushing around, take some time to complete your Christmas shopping before the Christmas rush begins. You can even get your wrapping done well before Christmas Day, ensuring you have plenty of time to prepare your home – Card Factory’s Christmas gift boxes make wrapping less time sensitive and more uniform to boot, ensuring your Christmas tree and everything under it will be a perfect picture well in time for your celebrations.