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How to fix Call of Duty: Black Ops III Beta Code Redeem Error on Xbox One

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Call of Duty: Black Ops III Beta was announced long back. You just have to redeem the game code on the official site and then you can download the same. But there are some issues with the same. Many players are getting code redeem error still there is a small fix for the same. Yet this is not a final resolution. It looks the issue is from the developers end. You can follow the below fix and see if it solves this error. The solution is for Xbox One.

  1. Go to and then click at the end where you have to choose the country.
  2. You have to choose Brazil from the list and then you have to click on the following link. You will need to use your Live login username and password or create one. It will take you directly to
  3. Once you have successfully reached to the above link use your beta code there. Once it is accepted you can then enjoy the game. Try to restore your country settings back as it was before whenever you visit
Call of Duty Black Ops III Screenshot
Call of Duty Black Ops III Screenshot

If you think the above process is not helping you much then you can also try out one more thing. You can watch the video below that shows you the same process. It is shared by Alvix99 Youtuber. The video was shared on Reddit and many users who had tested out the same said this method is working for them. So most probably this would be a kind of only effective solution to redeem the Call of Duty: Black Ops III Beta Code.

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Treyarch Studios has tweeted about this issue. They said that they are tracking the issue and they will soon offer a fix for the same. The tweet came yesterday. There are chances that we might get fix for the same in couple of days. Right now the only way to redeem code is to follow the above process.

Players are quite annoyed with the issue and yet they are asking for a fix for the same. Fortunately the Xbox Support site has now started working on this same issue. But this would be a kind of complicated process for the users who have to move on different platforms for downloading the game.