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How to Find the Perfect Character Voice-Over

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One of the most popular voice-overs and dubbing services is for video games. We are experienced in professional voice-over, dubbing, subtitling, and accessibility services for various mediums. In addition, we can remotely record audio for games on any device for the Perfect Character .

We frequently hear about the difficulties in casting the right voice for your character before productions find our platform. Voquent voice-overs allow you to listen to demo samples so you can browse voices in advance, and we also have an incredible search filter that lets you search based on the type of voice you are looking for. This makes casting character voices easy when you know your desired tones and characteristics. But which vocal types work best for your character?


Character Voice-Over: How to Select the Best One

First, are you casting the original voice of your character or dubbing the initial voice into a new language? The process of voice-over and dubbing voice-over can be pretty different, with the latter requiring extra measures such as a timed lip-sync and accurate language translation. It is possible to perform localization and perfect character voice-over, regardless of the style of the game:

  • science fiction,
  • first-person shooters,
  • RPG fantasy and other genres.

When casting a dubbing voice actor, finding a voice similar to the initial language makes sense, so you keep the characteristics that come with it. Break down how they sound. Are they soft with a medium pitch or villainous with a deep voice? Our search allows you to look for these attributes specifically.

When casting the initial voice of your character, things can be a little more complicated. It would help to characterize how you want them to sound without an initial voice to base the characteristics from.


It is crucial to consider the accent. A well-crafted character has a story, and it is essential that the voice chosen reflects that story as accurately as possible. Accents reveal the backstory and help make the character more realistic, with history before the first level in-game. Are they from this location, have they traveled there, or maybe they are from another planet, and you are looking for an alien voice?

Tones & Characteristics

Does the vocal tone match the character? A soft and warm voice probably won’t work if your character is a mob boss or antagonistic. Instead, it is better to choose an actor with a distinctive stern and husky voice, capable of shifting to a low register and providing authority or invoking fear. On the other hand, a hero should sound more like the player, allowing them to invest and identify with the character. Is your player base young? Male? American? And what kind of hero do they want to see themselves as? Brave? Loud? Funny? It is important to include this in the sound of your character, not just their look and role, to make the story fully immersive.

Gender and Age

If your character is over 50, it does not mean you have to look for an actor of the same age. An experienced voice actor can adjust their voice for any age and gender. In anime, many women play the role of young boys. High-quality voices should be listened to without context of who the actor is, as the audience also won’t have this context. You may skip the right voice when searching based on actor rather than sound. 

As you start to put together the specifics of how your character sounds, these characteristics, tones, and more can be searched within our filter. Don’t waste time when you know what you’re looking for. Alternatively, only search based on the criteria you have decided and begin to narrow the voices down with audible examples.  Picture the voice in your character’s dialogue to see if it works or needs adjusting. You can also give us a description of your character casting requirements so we can help you with the process.

Get started today and cast the perfect voice for your character!