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How to Find the Best Online Casino in Canada?

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While the online casinos were already growing popular before 2020, the pandemic gave them an immense boost that is noticeable in countries like Canada. The year 2021 continues to show that online casinos are not slowing down, but the alternatives sought by players are not located in Canada.That is understandable, as seeking information about the best online casino Canada does not return the options offered by the provincial governments. Instead, players choose casinos that are licensed elsewhere, as nobody is prosecuted for gambling on those websites. Meanwhile, Canada loses tax revenue for not matching the preferences of its players.Finding those websites that can be considered the best is not that easy, especially with scammers out there. Fortunately, there are hints that can help to Find the Best Online Casino in Canada


What Does an Online Casino Need to be the Best?

The best online casino in Canada might look different depending on which player is asked. They can vary in many parameters, but there is a certain level of excellence that can be considered to properly determine the optimal suggestions. Moreover, there are websites that specialize in analyzing the criteria that identify online casinos with the best characteristics in relevant fields like:

  • Games: the quantity of games is important for entertainment, but they must have great quality, guaranteed RNG software, and preferably be provided by reputable companies.

  • Promotions: online casinos differ from land-based casinos not only in the experience but also because players receive free credits and spins to boost their bets.

  • Security: SSL certificates are a must in websites that require your data, and certifications and accreditations shown on the casino are a plus.

  • License: regardless of how tempting an online casino is, it must be licensed by a relevant authority, such as the KGC (Kahnawake Gaming Commission).

  • Payments: offering the Canadian Dollar as the main currency and valid deposit/withdrawal methods is important.

Why Don’t Canadian Players Use the Official Online Casinos?

Some provinces count on the so-called “official” online casinos that are promoted by the government the same way it holds a monopoly in the lotteries. However, their offer of games and promotions, although comparable to some online casinos, are far from being the best. There are popular names out there with up to 10x more online slot machines, for example.

Therefore, the short answer is that they cannot provide the same level of entertainment, although security is granted because of their origin.

How Do They Find the Best Online Casino in Canada?

Finally, Canadians have the option to play on hundreds of websites, even though the government does not directly allow it. With so many options, even choosing only those that are duly licensed and registered can be a tough task. The two solutions that work might depend on their level of experience.

Experienced players can simply search for online casinos that are adapted to the Canadian public and their currency, game preferences, and payment methods. Knowing how and where to look, they can compare important resources and features and be certain of their decision. 

Considering the number of players that are introducing themselves to online casinos, that might be too difficult for those who are new in that market. That is when the specialized websites come in handy, ranking them with grades for each parameter that is considered relevant. There are many of those out there, and it is also important to read their reviews to know how they elected the best ones.

What Does the Future Reserve to Canadian Casinos?

The land-based casinos, slowly reopening and conquering its public, will remain as a solid experience, just like making a trip. On the other hand, casual players can access their favorite games with a click or a tap on the screen, and the online casinos came to stay.

Those that are provided by Canadian provincial governments still have a lot to evolve. Besides, the legislation needs to be changed, and foreign casinos must be regulated, or else the country will continue to lose tax revenue that could be collected. For now, at least the Canadians know exactly how to find the best websites to play.


Canadian players recur to some different strategies when they try to find the best online casino in Canada to play and boost their odds of winning a prize.