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How To Draft A Power-Packed Business Video?

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The market is quite competitive these days. With hundreds of platforms online, promoting your video is on your fingertip. However, your ads need to be so spectacular that people will not only watch them but share them amongst their friends. Unfortunately, ads come with good money. 

Surprisingly, you don’t need to spend the lion’s share for a commercial video. What you need to consider is grit, determination, and ingredients that make your video unique. Creating a stunning quality video requires talent, resources, time, and vision. 

While an in-house video might be budget-friendly, working with an outside team can be expensive. The blood, sweat, and tears for producing a phenomenal final product need an appropriate promotion strategy. 


Must-Have Ingredients For A Great Commercial

Unlike developing content, video marketing is a whole new beast. It needs to get to the next level so that the content resonates with the audience. In order to get there, here are some tricks the commercial video needs to roll out. 

Compelling Story Line

Gone are those days when watching commercial ads were a part of the show. If the audience fails to understand the storyline, they’ll skip it. In worst-case scenarios, the video might get flagged. 

A commercial’s job is to allow viewers to imagine a better life when associating with your product. The picture needs to be so perfect that viewers want to jump straight in and explore the imaginary world.

Remember, your business’s sole purpose is not to sell the product but to enrich life towards healthy living. You must have come across many videos that weave the product into the ultimate human stories. 


No stories are great; only the personality adds life to them. As a business, the story you create needs to reflect who you are. Tell stories that feel authentic for your business. Emotional branding, connectivity, and mental satisfaction will bring instant recognition. 

However, the tone of voice, looks, and feeling with which you are is significant. This is how viewers connect with you. Unfortunately, the audience can capture the overall impression in a fraction of a second. Therefore, a realistic personality will be an instant hit.

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Board The Story In Minutes

Want to tempt your viewers in a minute? Making out a video storyboard need not be tedious. Sketch an ad shot by shot and create better commercials. Storyboarding identifies those areas that will work and the ones that won’t.         

A super-effective way to run storyboarding is

  • Draft a powerful story
  • Develop lead characters and drive a plot out of it.
  • Sketch out the scenes
  • Apply cards, software, or whiteboard to sketch scenes
  • Add notes

Add notes and scripts to each card. Anyone looking at the storyboard should able to understand what’s going on with a single glance.  

Developing Polished Commercial Script 

Having a clear-cut script is essential for a strong market presence. Here are things that you need to keep in mind. 

Understand The Market

If you have no idea who you are writing for, your script may not be that effective. An easy method top scriptwriters use, going with the rule of one. Identify the key viewers and picture them clearly. Draft a script that speaks plainly. 

Run “Voice of Customer” Data

Find out how an ideal customer speaks? The phrases they use, how they describe themselves, and the products. This will require insightful research. For making things easier, use surveys, customer support emails, or hit forums like Reddit and Quora. Remember to note down all the key phrases, words, and expressions and adapt them as needed. As the words sound like the viewers, this will make the storyline feel real.  

Define The Story

You know who you’re speaking to. Therefore, craft a story that appeals to your viewers. Make a clear start, middle, and end. Everything needs to serve that story. Being ruthless won’t be a big deal. 

Draft That “One Viewer”

As you get your story, research and viewers, now are the time to draft it. Also, you can find someone who fits your target market. Run a “test-drive” and check the response they provide. As you get along with the video, you’ll understand what needs to be developed.  

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Edit Till The End

Editing needs to be done mercilessly. The final draft needs to be crisp. The story should be cohesive and use VOC data. It has to speak directly to the viewer’s mind. If planning to appeal to viewers, make a clip that makes it look funny and engaging. 

How Much Can It Cost? 

Hiring an expert for a commercial video can be pretty expensive. In fact, it can be long, arduous, and mind-boggling, too, if you aren’t an expert. You’ll need a videographer. In addition to that, you have to hire actors, equipment, props, editing software, and many more. 

There are hordes of things to keep in mind: production management, onboarding, payroll, and more. If you are not in the right place, going for an affordable option is still possible. For that, you can hire an agency that will serve the purpose. 

Commercial Videos Production Companies 

Getting videos created for your commercial purpose is now more than affordable. These companies are focused on developing the best-quality videos at a cost-friendly price. These companies offer A-Z services. Also, they are well versed in marketing strategies that’ll help you grow. Now, you will enhance your brand awareness, make intense customer relations interactive, and deliver a complex message, thereby generating more leads to the site.  

Final Wrap

Video production is time-consuming. To produce a perfect shot, companies may take 3-4 weeks on average. However, turn-around time may increase or decrease depends upon the project. When promoting videos, here’s what we recommend.  

  • Start Video campaign on social media platforms
  • Add a share button on the video
  • Ask more people to share
  • Optimize the video thumbnail image