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How To Defeat Deviljho In Monster Hunter World – Tips

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Deviljho is the new monster that is added through DLC in Monsters Hunter World. If you are ready you can play the quest and get the location of Deviljho and start your journey to defeat it. In this guide, we will give you some important tips on how to Defeat Deviljho in Monsters Hunter World.

Deviljho is a powerful monster, its strength is beyond an Elder Dragon. With huge health bar, it can cause a high amount of damage if you, unfortunately, landed on his path of attack. So there are certain points you have to remember before entering into battle with Deviljho.


Important Things To Remember While Fighting With Deviljho:

  1. When enraged, Deviljho’s swollen muscle will glow red, which means the monster is all set to discharge a sweeping dragon element attack. This is the point you have to run away or maintain a good distance to dodge it all cost. Even the Deviljho is wounded it won’t stop attacking. This makes this monster a furious killer.
  2. Deviljho’s Head and Body are the weak spots. The tail is also weak, but targeting the Head and Body will increase your chances of winning. The Tail is severable but it takes very little damage, so it will just consume your time if you focus on attacking it.
  3. The Head and Belly weak spots are weak to Slicing, Impact, and Bullets. So choose the right weapon and focus on the Head and Belly only.
  4. Deviljho doesn’t have any weak attack, each attack is strong enough to throw you off the ground.

Things Not Do While Fighting To Deviljho:

  1. Deviljho is 1 star weak to ICE, so at no cost use the attack. It is 2 stars weak against Fire and Water. Thunder and Dragon are the best Elements that give you full 3 Star damage. So if you are picking a weapon makes sure you get Thunder or Dragon elemental damage that will give you the highest damage.
  2. For Ailments, Deviljo is 2 stars weak against all 5 of them, they are Poison, Sleep, Paralysis, Blast, and Stun.
    Beast Weapons Against Deviljho:
  3. Heavy weapons are good, they can cause a good damage, but this does not mean you can just blindly run towards Deviljho to attack. Wait for a window when the monster is slow or stun for a while. Then only use the weapon on the right weak point that is the head or belly.
  4. If you are using a weapon with a shield, you get a lot of chances to attack. Because you can block his attacks and then you have a window where you can release a counter-attack on the weak points. The monster takes big pauses between attacks, so after blocking an attack successfully you have enough time to cause a good amount of damage.
  5. Avoid using Fast Weapons if you can’t control them well, to get good damage you will have to use this weapon fast and there are max chances that you will get killed by the monster. Still, if you want to experiment you can try the Fast Weapons, and target the legs and belly.
  6. If you want to play safe, then Guns and Bows are your choices. Maintain a good distance first and learn Deviljho’s attack pattern. Shoot the weak points and once you notice that Deviljho is ready to attack you run away. Don’t wait there for one more shot, just dodge away from the direction of attack. This will take time but it is the safest way to kill Deviljho. Focus on the Head, and use different angles to shoot. Light Bow Gun with Rapid Fire Thunder Element is the best against Deviljho because the monster is weak against Thunder and using this combo you can cause the high amount of damage easily.

Tips To Defeat Deviljho:

Feed Deviljho Food To Distract:

Deviljho is a very hungry monster if you have food items in your inventory you can through them and in between, he will start eating it. This is the time you get a window to release some attack and make your fight a bit easier.

Short Range Weapons Are Risky:

Deviljho is a huge monster, his head is high above the ground and belly is reachable but not so easy. If you are using a short weapon like Sword & Shield you won’t be able to cast damage on the weak points so easily. You will be struggling to reach the points to get a chance to attack.

Focus On Head For High Damage:

You have to focus the head at all cost, learn the Deviljho’s moves first, this will help you to understand when to attack. And as the monsters fall into a vulnerable position it’s your chance to get a maximum attack on the head.

Bit Down Attack:

Deviljho’s most common attack is when it tries to bite you down, look for the movements, he moves his tail straight and then perform the jaw attack. It is easy to dodge, with the right timing you can escape and land just near the head.

Munch Attack:

Deviljho’s another attack is when he opens his mouth and moves his jaws in left or rides at a wide angle. He will try to munch you in this attack, you have to run in a straight line fast to escape it. He will move is head back to attack, and then move his massive jaw in opposite direction. If you are in the monsters range and cannot run far, roll below is belly and run away.

Swift Front Bite Attack:

In one of this attack, Deviljho will move back a bit and then swift front to bite you, this attack has a pretty massive range. This attack covers more ground and it also causes a high damage. If you see this, try running a bit far and roll to dodge it.

Dig Chin In Ground Attack:

Another powerful attack is when Deviljho will dig his chin into the ground and swipe it forward at full speed. If you get caught in this you will lose a pretty good amount of health. This one is the most lethal attack by the monster. To save yourself, let the monster attack first and as you look his tail roll in the opposite direction of this face. It is very important to stay near the monsters, because this attack will slow down Deviljho a bit, and this is the time you can inflict best attacks on him.

Diagnol Swing Face Attack:

Deviljho will swing his face left and right three to five times and try to bite you down along with the above attack where he digs his chins and tries to throw you away. This attack is complicated to tackle, all you have to do is when Deviljho charges towards you with this attack roll towards his body and try to get behind his legs.  Deviljho will continue and move forward you get a chance to attack the belly or the tail. You have to protect you from the last swipe.

Side-way Bash Attack:

Deviljho will also attack you side-ways, he will move his tail and bend on one side a bit and then try to bash through his side body either left or right. This attack is very easy to spot, but the problem is to avoid the tail attack. Because Deviljho is using his entire body so the monster gets a pretty massive range. Once you spot the monster doing this, try to run away in the direction of this face, not the tail. If you are too near, then try to adjust your position, and move below the neck, you can roll away in opposite direction if you are lucky enough you can also inflict a good damage just by raising your weapon. Because Deviljho does not rub his neck on the ground there is enough gap below to save yourself.

Tail Swipe Attack:

Deviljho’s tail swipe attack is easy to dodge, as the monster is pretty tall you have enough spot to dodge it from below. Avoid staying at the edge of the tail, staying near the legs can be the best way to roll away from the monster.

Stomp Attack:

At all cost stay away from Deviljho’s stomp attack, the monster will lift his one leg and try to crush you down, it is very important to run away if you get caught you are dead for sure. One problem with the attack is the tremor that shakes you for a while, to avoid this you can wear a tremor proof armor or block it with a shield.

Jump Attack:

Deviljho can also jump by lifting his both legs in the year and landing on or near you. This also causes a tremor shaking the ground in a wide range. Deviljho can jump towards you from a good distance, the only way to get out is by rolling away from the jump spot.

The Chicken Dance:

Deviljho’s chicken dance is highly lethal but easy to avoid. The monster will lift his head up, and then bash it with full speed on the ground, when you see this attack, roll behind his legs, you will be out of the zone of attack. The problem is the rocks or boulders that is launch towards you, luckily if you run in the opposite direction before he bashes his face on the ground you will stay alive.

Dragon Fire Breath Attack:

When ranged, Deviljho will release a sweeping dragon element attack, his body will glow and you can see a black cloud coming out of this mouth. He will lift his head and breathe fire from left to right. If you are too near, try to roll below his belly before Deviljho hits the ground and releases the fire. It is not possible to roll away from the attack as it has a huge range and it will surely cost you damage.

Throw Other Monsters Attack:

Deviljho and pick up other monsters around and swipe them to cause high damage, he can throw them towards you. When spot Deviljho carrying a monster in this mouth, stay out of the attack range at all cost.

So these are the moves you have to learn a bit and in many cases dodging at the right is enough to escape those attacks.