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Common Recommendations How to Decode VIN of Car

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Each driver knows what the VIN code is: it consists of 17 characters and is assigned to the car by the manufacturer. Each number is unique, so every car has its own combination of digits. Decrypting it yourself is rather a time-consuming procedure because you will need to use various data tables and figure out what certain digits mean.

Sometimes situations arise when you need to urgently view data about a car. Knowing a VIN code, the user can find out by VIN Decoder:

  • the country of production;
  • the year of release;
  • body and engine types;
  • spare parts of the auto;
  • technical characteristics of the vehicle;
  • mileage, possible previous sales, etc.

Fortunately, you do not have to contact authorities for verification. It is enough to find a resource on the Internet, where you can check the data of interest simply by inserting a VIN combination. For example, FAXVIN decoder can easily do this job. This service is especially important for potential buyers because it helps to avoid possible troubles with a car after purchase.


Where to Find the VIN in Your Car?

The combination of these useful digits is usually located in several places of the car, among which the most often are the following ones:

  • the frame of the front door;
  • near the windshield;
  • directly on the engine;
  •  on the heat-insulating partition;
  • on the inner arch of the left wheel;
  • on a steering wheel, etc.

As soon as you have identified the combination of the necessary digits, it is time to proceed to the decoding. How does it look like?

Decoding of Your VIN 

If you have found a used Mercedes-Benz in the auction that you would like to buy, you will more likely to learn everything about the vehicle starting from decoding its VIN. For example, a vehicle with a combination of WDDSJ4GB1FN239580 can tell you a lot about the car. First of all, you are dealing with a CLA-Class model released in Germany in 2015. This is a four-doors sedan of the premium luxury class with an L4 2.0L DOHC 16V AWD engine. Finally, you will find out enough info about the spare parts of the car and the recommended fuel for driving it.

The decryption of the VIN will be required when buying, selling, pledging, or renting a car. Decryption will help make sure that the information provided by the car owner is reliable.

Today, there are many services that offer VIN-code decryption. However, one should be careful, since most of this kind of information on the Internet is not reliable. Therefore, we suggest you use only trustful services, which provide motorists with real data about the vehicles of their interest. Do not neglect to make such a verification, so you will be 100% satisfied by the result of the purchase.