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How to Control kids’ daily Screen Time

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Technology has made our life easier, and now it contributes to our daily life in many ways. Even the children of this generation are tech-savvy Apps. They use gadgets for several educational and entertainment purposes. However, the online medium is home to many lurking dangers.  In such a scenario, it is very important to take steps to control your kids’ daily screen time. In this article, we have talked about a few ways to do so:


Use Parental Control Apps

With the iPhone, you can set the downtime of the phone. It will automatically lock the phone so that children cannot use it. Google’s Android + Family Link also offers good parental control. 

You can also exercise parental control through third-party apps like Famisafe. It keeps an eye on your children’s online activity as well as keeps them away from wrong content, websites and apps. With this app, you can also track the location of your children.

How to use Famisafe?

Famisafe good

There are three pricing plans:

  • Monthly Plan: billed at $9.9 per month
  • Annual Plan: billed at $38.99 per annum
  • Quarterly Plan: billed at $19.99 per quarterly


Famisafe is a renowned app that allows you to exercise control of your child’s screen time. With the help of this app, you can decide which website or app your children can use for how long. Also, you can also apply a screen time limit on some apps.

Be a role model

There are many health hazards associated with a high screen-time. According to research, children who spend more time in front of the screen have more difficulty in speaking and writing. According to researchers, children who use gadgets more often suffer from mental disorders and lack self-regulation as compared to other children.

As a parent, first, teach your child how to use technology. Explain to them how computers, laptops and mobile phones can work for work. Explain to them that gadgets should not be used as toys. To explain to children, you have to pay attention to your behaviour. Put your behaviour in front of your child; the child will learn the same way. If you always look at your laptop or phone, then your child will not understand your words. Therefore, whenever with children, use gadgets sparingly.

No-device time

Every household has its own rules. Make such a rule in your home too. When all the family members sit together and talk among themselves, Nobody should use any electronic device at that time. With this, your child will also learn how important One on One intrusion is.

Final Words:

Make your children understand the dangerous side of the online world. Also, ask them to converse online only with people they already know. The strangers might be criminals or mature predators. 

We all know that unlimited information can be found on the Internet without any hindrance. With this, you should also keep track of the information that your child is consuming from the Internet. It is very important to make your child aware of their digital duties. Whenever they go to any website or blog, they should neither read any wrong information nor forward it to anyone else. Hence, be sure to instil this understanding in your children. 

Also, keep track of your child’s online relationships. While doing this, please do not become a detective of children, rather talk to the children and seriously inform them about its dangers.