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How to choose the right trolley jack

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If you need to repair or make alterations to your car, it’s likely that a trolley jack can make the process much easier. But how do you choose the right one? Below we explore what a trolley jack is, what you can use it for, and how to select the right one. This blog will tell you about How to choose the right trolley jack.

What is a trolley jack?

A trolley jack is used to raise and lower a vehicle from the base of the car. The jack can usually lift up to two tonnes, making it a versatile tool. The hydraulic jack also moves on a set of wheels allowing you to easily manoeuvre it. As a practical, easy to use tool, it’s a staple for amateur mechanics and professionals alike. 

What will it be used for?

Trolley jacks are used to lift a car up safely and securely, and the jobs you’ll use it for follow on from this. Tasks such as changing a tyre, examining the underside of the car and other mechanical inspections are all made much simpler with the right jack.

Lifting height

But how do you know which trolley jack is the right one for your needs? First of all, you’ll need to consider the lifting height. Different brands can lift cars to different heights, and you’ll need to do your research before selecting which to go for. If you’re just planning on a tyre change or minor underneath servicing, a standard jack should be fine though. At the same time, you’ll also need to consider the clearance of your car. Most SUVs clear the ground comfortably so can operate with any jack, but if your car is low to the ground, you might need specialist equipment. 

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Weight and working stroke

The working stroke is another important consideration. This determines how much room you’ll have to work underneath the vehicle once the jack is deployed – often, the larger the space available, the better. And the weight is crucial too. Some jacks are lightweight and portable. Meanwhile, there are heavier models available which can carry larger vehicles. Again, your decision will rest upon the type of work you’re carrying out.

Selecting your trolley jack doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Once you’ve worked out the type of jobs you’ll use it for, you can choose a jack with the right lifting height, weight and working stroke for optimal usage.