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How to choose the perfect bedroom colour 

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The colour of your bedroom can impact your mood, sleep and energy levels. You need to find a bedroom colour that works for you and your partner. You might prefer a jewel-toned accent wall for a touch of cosiness or a fresh duck egg blue for a calming atmosphere. The colour of your bedroom is a personal choice, and you need to get it right. This blog will be about How to choose the perfect bedroom colour.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing the perfect colour of your bedroom.

Check it under all lights

Paint colours change under natural and artificial lighting. Paint a sample on the wall in your bedroom and watch how it changes throughout the day. While the colour may look fabulous in the morning, it might turn a little mucky in the evening. Lighting can bring out the different hues and tones in paint colours. The colour of your flooring can also impact the colour of the paint on the wall. A dark carpet might cast a darker reflection onto the painted wall.

Place your chosen paint colour next to natural light, LED lamps and warm and cool lighting. You might be surprised by how much it changes under different styles of lighting. 

Choose matching décor

If you already have your furniture and décor ready, you need to choose a paint colour that matches them. If you are starting from fresh, you need to consider the room’s entire look when choosing a paint colour. Pick a paint colour that compliments your style of décor and aligns with the different materials. You could use your wall colour shades in the furniture, bedding, and rugs to tie the room together. For example, you could install fitted wardrobes in the bedroom and paint them to blend in with the walls. 

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Decide if you want a warm or cool colour

Warmer colours, like red, orange and yellow, create a cosier atmosphere. These colours can encourage a passionate and romantic mood in the bedroom. Whereas cooler colours, like blues and greens, offer a calming and relaxing ambience in the room.  You should think about colour psychology when choosing paint for your bedroom.

Warmer lighting tends to be softer in the bedroom compared to harsh white LEDs. Think about the colour of your lighting as well as the paint on the walls.

Look at inspiration photos

Everyone needs a little inspiration from time to time. Browse online mood boards and catalogues to get a feel for this seasons interior trends. You could go a trend-led colour or a classic palette that will withstand the test of time. 

Choose a bedroom colour that matches your interior style and personality.