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How to cancel amazon prime without any error

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Amazon Prime is a premium service from Amazon that offers free shipping on one working day at no additional cost. Therefore You can access Prime Video video content and access Twitch Prime and early access for an annual fee of 36 euros or a monthly fee of 4.99 euros. Access to Flash Deals and Amazon BuyVIP events. Therefore  With a subscription to Amazon Prime, you can also use Prime Foto, the e-commerce giant’s Service, that offers unlimited storage space for your photos. From this context, you will know how to cancel amazon prime without any error.



Getting know: how to cancel amazon prime without any problem


Therefore  Amazon Prime or can be tested for free for 30 days. At the end of the trial version, you can choose whether to confirm the subscription by paying the annual fee or to cancel the Service and return to all products’ standard shipping costs. There is no obligation; the ultimate choice is up to the user. Therefore  The Amazon Prime subscription can also be interrupted with an annual subscription.




Therefore  With today’s guide, I would therefore like to show you step by step how to deactivate Amazon Prime so that the Service is not automatically renewed after one year of registration or after the free trial period. I assure you it is not difficult. So take a few minutes, make yourself comfortable, and focus on reading this tutorial. Therefore  You will see that in no time, you will have an apparent idea of ​​what to do.


Which thing we should remember before deactivation


Depending on whether you are using Amazon Prime after paying the annual fee or activating the trial period, the deactivation procedure is slightly different. Don’t worry, either way, and it’s straightforward. Therefore  The only care you need to take is to take the steps I will provide before the end of the period you made the payment or before the trial period ends to avoid going for a service for which You make a payment or pay you again no longer care.


Note: By deactivating Amazon Prime, you can continue to use the associated benefits up to the day before the planned renewal date and without restriction.


Deactivate the annual subscription to Amazon Prime


Therefore Would you like to deactivate Amazon Prime after taking out the annual subscription to the Service? First, connect to the use by launching your preferred browser, typing It in the address bar and press Enter on the keyboard.


Therefore  Next, move your cursor over the account and list the item in the top right of the web page displayed, and click the Sign In button. Then fill in the fields under the email address or mobile phone number and password elements by entering your Amazon login details and then clicking the Sign In button.


What’s important? 


Move the pointer over the account and list the item that is always in the top right of the webpage that appears. Then click on the My Amazon Prime item attached to the menu that opens.


Therefore  Now find the Unsubscribe – Forego Prime Benefits article. Click on it and confirm by clicking the End My Benefits button. Finished. A message will then appear on the screen, stating that the process to deactivate Amazon Prime was successful. You will receive an email message to the email address associated with your Amazon account. That you have registered about your subscription to the Premium service informed by a famous e-commerce website that has been canceled.

Next process for final deactivate


Therefore  Now you finally say that you satisfied. You managed to deactivate Amazon Prime! As a result, once the annual subscription to the Service expires, your subscription will not be renewed, and you will not be charged the applicable fee. From the time you deactivate the yearly subscription of Amazon Prime. You can, of course, no longer use the services offered by Amazon Prime.


Also, keep in mind that if you haven’t taken advantage of Amazon Prime, you can get a full refund. If you are eligible for a refund. You will be notified by email from the Amazon team upon confirmation of the subscription. Therefore  For more information, we recommend that you consult the relevant Amazon Prime Terms and Conditions webpage.


Final word on how to cancel amazon prime


Have you thought about it and want to abort all of the previously described operations to deactivate Amazon Prime? No problem. You can reactivate the Service at any time and make the annual fee payment in any case. All you need to do is connect to the main Amazon website, sign in by entering your account details, click the My Amazon Prime item attached to the Accounts & Lists menu, and then click Continue Registration. I hope now you know about how to cancel amazon prime. If you have any asks, let us know via email or comment us on the blog.