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How to Block Someone on Facebook – Easy steps

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Blocking Someone on Facebook makes them leave your social network. Sometimes, however, the action of blocking and deleting a contact go hand in hand: blocking a friend, in fact, automatically deletes him from the list of friends. Here you will get info about how to Block Someone on Facebook .

People blocked on Facebook can’t see what you share, can’t tag you in posts, comments, and photos, invite you to join groups, attend events or like pages, and send you messages in the chat, or add you to friends. All this is reciprocal: if you block a user, you will have the same limitations against him. In this article, I’ll describe how to Block Someone on Facebook in 2020.


Getting know: How to block Someone on Facebook in this year

Facebook offers the possibility for any user to request the verification of the fan page or profile on Facebook either by reporting the account, the content of the statement, the actions taken such as harassment, spam or fraud, and unauthorized use of intellectual property others. 

How to block a person on Facebook


To block Someone on Facebook, such as Someone who annoys you or whose updates you don’t want to see, you need to:

  • Click on Quick links to privacy at the top right.
  • Select the entry Someone annoys me. How do I make it stop?
  • In the list that appears, select the name of the person to block and click Block again.

Those who block on Facebook do not receive a notification, but they will realize it if and when they decide to interact with you or peek at your profile because they will not do so.

Differences between R EPORTAR AND BLOCKING an account – how to Block Someone on Facebook


Block or report a profile: In the case of blocking a face, it will no longer be able to see what you post on your wall. If you say the shape, Facebook will ask you to select the reasons to verify it later to cancel the face, content, or cancel the report you have made.


Block or report a fan page: In the case of blocking a fan page, they will no longer interact with your publications, indicate that they like your comments, or respond to the words you leave on the wall. You will also not be able to write on the wall of the page or send direct messages, you will stop following, and if you currently like the page, you will no longer like it. (Like button) In the case of the report, it is the same as the profile. Facebook will verify and then decide to cancel the fan page, its content, or cancel the information you have made.





Zuckerberg’s social network is working on a new feature coming soon to allow users to shut up a friend. This feature, previously known as Snooze. It  provides a less drastic action than the classic Block that could more easily pass into cavalry.

The new button will be launched in the next few days. It will work to silence individual users, pages or groups, who not be notified of the change with a notification. The setting cancels at any time.

Call in an investigation

partner Every good detective needs a partner! To finally solve the blocker’s case, you also need an ally – or rather, a person who is also friends with the suspect on Facebook. From his profile, you then repeat the above two steps and check whether you find the same result as before. Of course, you can repeat the whole thing with as many friends as you want to be completely safe. If everything points to a block, you should perhaps talk to the person concerned about the problem personally.

Research the past  If you blocked by someone, the person’s name will be displayed in your previous Facebook chat history in black and no longer clicked. You cannot reply to this conversation”. However, all of these circumstances could also have arisen because the suspect logged off the platform and deleted his profile.


Facebook already gives unfollow friends or hide posts. Still, as Shruthi Muraleedharan. Facebook product manager, explained, “users want more opportunities to decide what to see in the News Feed. When to see it. I hope you understand how to Block Someone on Facebook. If you have any ques about this topic, let me know via email or comment on us.