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How to Save Your Game In Control

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As you might have heard already, the game length of Control is only 15-20 hours long but still, there will be times you will need to take a break and save your game progress so that when you come back you won’t have to play from the start. So, in this guide, we will tell you how you can save your progress in Control.

Here’s How To Save Your Game in Control:

You first need to know that there is no manual save system in Control. Hence the game is using the auto-save feature and, therefore, you have to keep an eye for it whenever Control auto-saving happens.

Now, this auto-save function will save your progress in Control whenever you complete a mission, or collect something, or visit the important areas in the game throughout its universe. We would like to mention here that, when you die in the game then your game will start from the last Control save progress point that you have visited.

In any case, the progress of your story and any collectibles that you have found before dying in the game will be registered. At the bottom of the screen in the corner, you will notice an icon spinning around. This means that the game is auto-saving and also that your progress is being saved. After the icon has disappeared, the progress in-game should be auto-saved and this way you will be able to relax and take a break if you want.

How to Force Auto-Save in Control:

As we have said above, Control frequently uses auto-save functions. So, follow one of the below tricks to force auto-save in Control:

  • Complete any mission and the auto-save starts after that, whether its main mission or side mission.
  • Simply pick up a collectible scattered around in the game.
  • If you spend Ability Points, then also auto-save starts.
  • Just visit any Control Point and the auto-save is triggered.

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