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How Much To Feed A Puppy-Method For DogLover

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At each stage of your puppy’s physical development. His nutrition will affect his strength, health, and happiness as an adult. It may be challenging to understand exactly where, when, and how to feed your puppy. In general, we can say that the daily amount of dog food varies according to age. The animal’s activity the physical quality of the food it eats. Therefore, it is essential to state that the quantities mentioned. This article may vary according to each dog. Generally, on the food package. It is specified which is the correct dose to take. But despite this is still advisable to inquire to find out. If the correct doses are being verified for your dog. In this documentary, we will know how much to feed a puppy. Let’s see how to do it quickly.



Know the perfect way on how much to feed a puppy


Sometimes the proportion between carbohydrates, proteins, and fats is not the right or does not contain essential elements such as taurine. In this article, we will do a little review to know the daily amount of dog food. You should offer your faithful friend, with also a table of doses based on size and age. Dogs may have a sensitive digestive system.  It does not respond well to excessive amounts of food or the introduction of entirely new food. When feeding a puppy. It is best to divide the daily portion of food into several meals to avoid overloading the digestive system. Here is a simple guide:

  • Weaning (all sizes): four meals a day
  • Up to four months (small breeds) or up to six months (large breeds). Three meals a day
  • Four to 10 months (small breeds) or six to 12 months (large breeds). Two meals a day



Dog nutritional needs – how much to feed a puppy


How much does a dog eat? Dog nutrition is not an exact science since there are several factors that can intervene in the nutritional needs of each dog. Such as the level of activity performed, age, or body temperature. Furthermore, there is no single formula since there are several solutions, all equally valid and healthy.


The most significant situation to keep in mind when getting dog food is to make sure that it receives the energy and nutrients it needs for its body, keeping in mind each individual’s concrete needs. To achieve this, many people bet on a balanced diet based on feed or kibble. Since it is a simple way of ensuring total nutritional intake and avoiding nutritional deficiencies that cause diseases.


Rationing Tables: Are They Reliable?


In most dog food packages, we find the rationing table. Which roughly suggests the daily amount of dog food offer to them, depending on weight, age, and physical activity, usually expressed in grams. We can observe that it is never the exact quantity but that it always oscillates between two parameters.


In general, we could say that the amount of dog food that the product packaging indicates to us is reliable as it is based on tests and studies that confirm the indications. Nevertheless, it is essential to adapt the diet case by case according to the individual’s needs.


The measuring cup of dog food


In addition to the rationing table, some brands offer a dog food measuring spoon with directions for the owner to calculate the grams to offer without using the scale. However, it is essential to remember that each measuring cup is designed and calculated for that specific product and does not apply to others on the market. The nutritional table is based on metabolizable energy (ME), the energy available in the body once it occurs—digestion, which is different for each brand.


Remember, the greater the energy supply, the smaller the amount of food our dog will have to ingest. The digestibility of the product can affect the actual energy that the dog takes in through the feed we give it, so it is essential to choose a quality product.


Metabolizable energy (ME) and kilocalories (kcal)


To know the daily amount of dog food and the actual quality of the feed we offer to our four-legged friends. This is essential to pay attention to the metabolizable energy parameter. It isexpressing in kilocalories per kilogram. Since not all products on the market offer this data, it is best to prioritize those that indicate it.


Metabolizable energy is the energy value of a food that helps us understand the real nutritional value measured through tests and experiments on a selected group of dogs. They are offered a precise amount of feed, and the excrements are analyzed to verify the total energy that the food provides, translated into metabolizable energy.



The final word on how much to feed a puppy


This feeding method is much more used with cats than with dogs and consists of leaving the feed available throughout the day for the animal to ration it according to its taste. It is recommended for dogs that eat little and for lactating bitches. On the other hand, it not recommended for dogs that cannot ration food and are overweight.

By quantity: in this case, the dog offered a fixed quantity of food divided into various meals during the day. The method described on how much to feed a puppy, clear to you, I guess. If you have any intricacy, don’t forget to keep in touch with us. Thanks for your time.