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How Much Alcohol In Beer And Others Drinks

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Beer contains alcohol, but how much alcohol in beer? How is it generated, and where exactly does it come from? Are there different alcoholic strengths in beer? Here are the answers! Beer is the result of the fermentation of sugars that come from cereals. And it precise during this fermentation that alcohol is produced: the yeast eats the wort and then releases carbon dioxide, which transformed into the drink (and all other types of substances). In the next Session, I’ll describe all about it.


 Getting Know: How much alcohol in beer and alcohols

“Alc. 5% vol” how the alcohol content is indicated. This means that the total amount of alcohol is the percentage of the total volume: Alcohol By Volume (ABV) – i.e., the percentage by volume of the ethanol content. A 33cl bottle with an alcohol content of 5% contains 1.65cl of alcohol. This is the most common method of indicating the amount of alcohol, and it is also what I use.




How much alcohol is there in beer?

This depends solely on the style of the beer. Most Pilsner and Lagers (which are the most popular ones) generally contain 5% alcohol, but the quantity of alcohol in general ranges from 0 to 12% and, in some cases, even more. The following is a known example:

0.0 – 0.5%: Alcohol-free or low-alcohol beer

Ok, let’s start with the fact that not all beers contain alcohol. There are beers without alcohol, i.e., the variant indicated with 0.0. Long story short: the alcohol filtered and eliminated. There some variants that contain alcohol but with a meager amount. These are the ones up to 0.5%. This percentage varies from country to country; for example, in Germany is defined as alcohol-free beer. Nowadays, there several and continue to be produced, some examples the Lager, IPA, Weiss, Bock, or Porter.

how much alcohol in beer: Session, Table Beer, Radler, and fruity beer

Table Beer is mainly a Belgian phenomenon. They are beers with an alcohol content between 1% and 5% and exist in different styles. In Belgium, they quickly called Blond or Tripel. They have a light taste and, until not so long ago, it also given to children during meals.

The Session is the name used to identify light beers, mainly Pale Ale, and IPA. They are very refreshing and tasty because they contain a high amount of hops. Wheat and oats added to get a more robust body. The Session comprises about 4% alcohol. We must also say that many English beers are predecessors to Sessions, such as the classic Bitter and Ale.

how much alcohol in beer From Pilsner to Porter

The Lager and Pilsner indeed the most beers drunk absolute worldwide. They have an alcohol content average of 5%, some a little higher and others a little lower. Furthermore, there are many other beer styles with the same volume of alcohol, and mainly they have in common the fact that they do not have too strong a taste and become a little more watery. Examples are wheat beers, such as the German Weiss and the Belgian Blanche, which contain 4.5% – 6% alcohol. Or the many forms of Pale Ale that rarely exceed 6%, as well as many Stouts and Porters. The higher variants are indeed becoming increasingly common.

Beers that fall into this sort of category are often used to compare the amount of alcohol-based on different drinks. A standard glass of wine, for example, contains the same amount of alcohol as a traditional beer, ie 5%.

6 – 7.5%: IPA, Blond, and Bock

Beers with an alcohol volume greater than 6% a much more intense taste, which partially determined by the percentage of alcohol. In general, these beers tasted and savored with much more tranquility, even if some were located on the edge of the border. The Belgian Blond, for example, still quite accessible, generally remain below 7.5%.

IPA (India Pale Ale) is much more intense due to hops’ excessive use: these give a lot of aroma and a strong bitter taste. On the other hand, in Saison, the percentage of alcohol varies between 6% and 8%.

The Bock beers usually start from 6.5% alcohol and when it exceeds 7.5% are then called Double Bock, a more intense version of the same Bock.

how much alcohol in beer: Strong Belgian, Barley Wine, and Imperial

From 8% upwards, alcohol plays a fundamental role in the taste and overall beer tasting experience. These beers that should be drunk in peace, it is mainly about tasting and not just drinking.

The Belgian beer is also known for its intense flavor and high alcohol content. Tripels are an excellent example of this genre, with an average alcohol content of between 8% and 10%. Then followed by the Strong Belgian Blond, just think of Duvel and its like. Alcohol becomes stronger with most Barley Wine, Quadruple, and Strong Belgian Brown beers. 

Over 12%: Eisbock and the extreme ones

“Is it still about beer?” That’s the question I hear most often when it comes to extreme beers. As far as I know, it still beer if it not distilled. In this case, the Eisbock then moves into the gray zone: the beer is made more robust and more intense by cold distillation. Stronger beers also produced, but it considered that above 15% yeast practically dies.

Snake Venom currently the most robust beer produced in the world, with no less than 67.5%. Rumors say that a distillate has been added, and for this reason the doubt arises whether it can be called beer . The same thing happens with Beer’s Mistery from the Koelschip brewery in Almere (Holland) with 70% alcohol. This beer, however, no longer produced.