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How Make Up Games Can Teach Your Child the Fundamentals of Art

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Online games, like make up games, can be just as fundamental of art as they are fun.

Makeup is more than just colors that are applied to a face. Sometimes it is a way to have a release from being ourselves. Or a way to boost confidence, or to hide our flaws. Makeup in an introduction to art- but more than that, it’s a way for your child toimmersively play dress up, or to better interact with their virtual environments. Makeup games, like those on the site Prinxy, can not only offer children hours upon hours of play, but it can also have a positive influence on a number of different cognitive skill development. Things like reading comprehension, hand-eye coordination, social and computer literacy, and a number of others. But perhaps what makeup games are best for- is teaching your child about interacting with the fundamental basics of art.


One of the most fundamental basics of art is the idea of form. Form, while a difficult concept to succinctly wrap up in words is essentially the idea of recognizing the form and shape of an object in a 3D sense. It gives an idea of volume and fullness, making whatever it is you’re drawing jump odd of the page. One of the main reasons that classical art classes and study require people to study the human form, constantly drawing figures and portraits, is because the human form comes with so many varying shapes and depths, that mastering the human form can often translate into ease of defining other forms. This is one way that makeup games really step in- helping to give a clearer sense of the depth and dimension of the human face by working with it directly.

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Understanding shadow, is essential to properly expressing form. Surely, you’ve seen the makeup videos that discuss the concept of contouring? These videos are a perfect example of how makeup applications, as well as makeup games, pay special attention to the concept of shadow, and how those shadows define and shape an object. Most of the ways in which form is translated through shadow and highlight, allowing our brains to more clearly understand the shape and depth, by how the given object interacts with the imagined light and perspective.


Makeup can teach your child how color interacts with itself, and how color interacts with the values of form and shadow. Color is a massive fundamental basics of art, creating gradients and values that also help to better express the different shapes and feelings that you can give to your subject. Makeup games can help your child to better understand color coordination and how certain colors complement one another, in real time. Colors are also considered hugely emotional, with certain colors appealing more vigorously to the emotions that you want your piece to emote. Using makeup to accent outfits, or to fit certain social situations, can solidify the message that colors can send emotional cues- or create a mood. Gently suggesting to your child, the importance of color when looking to make a specific statement.


Understanding things like how the shape and color of an object changes as the angle of view changes is a massive part of being able to articulate where at in space an object resides, and how that residence affects the composition of your piece. Using perspective in conjunction with makeup, is one of the things that will dictate which colors you will use to create depth from your project. Makeup games teach children how to play with perspective, by offering different shadows and different views of whatever object they are playing with. Many makeup games also incorporate other types of design like fashion and interior design. Helping to further solidify the importance of perspective with artistic expression.

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Composition is the idea of art as a whole finished product. Composition becomes important once you begin to understand how you will want your project to come together before you begin. Composition is a difficult part of art to teach- often something that isn’t focused on until higher levels of art education. However, makeup games can really start to get your child properly prepared to begin unconsciously considering composition. This is because most makeup games require players to create “looks” based on a social situation that their characters will be in. This helps your child to learn to consider all aspects of a given project- from start, to the overall aesthetics of the finish.