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How long can you wear silicone hydrogel contact lenses?

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Technological advances have positively affected the manufacture of hydrogel contact lenses. Now contact lenses are made using better technology and better materials. This has made a difference in the comfort levels of the wearer and has also increased the time limit for which it can be worn.

What are silicone hydrogels?

Initially soft contact lenses were made using water-loving polymers or hydrogel contact lenses. Today all lenses including bausch and lomb contact lenses are made using Silicone hydrogel. The material Silicone is gel-like in consistency, contains silicone, carbon and oxygen along with other materials and is extremely flexible. Thus contact lenses using silicone hydrogel have:

  • Increased oxygen permeability,
  • Enhanced Wettability and
  • Better clinical performance.

This has increased the comfort of wearing these lenses, they can be worn for longer durations and they also promote better eye health. 

Benefits of silicone hydrogel

Low oxygen permeability results in hypoxia, a condition wherein the cornea does not receive sufficient oxygen. This results in red eyes, increased chances of eye infection, blurred vision, swollen cornea etc. 

Use of silicone hydrogel allows the cornea to receive more oxygen thereby protecting it from these risks and hazards. The reduction in the trade-off between the wettability and oxygen permeability of the Bausch and Lomb Contact Lenses has resulted in:

  • Extended wear of the contact lenses sometimes even up to 6 straight days and nights,
  • Continuous wear up to 30days before requiring a replacement,
  • Minimal handling and cleaning of lenses and
  • Increase in the wearer’s comfort and performance of the contact lenses.

Nowadays silicone hydrogel is used to make all types of lenses, for myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia. They come in a variety of designs, powers and fittings. 

These lenses have undergone several improvements since their launch. Thus they are also used to make contact lenses based on complex and unusual prescriptions, special medical conditions etc. 

They can also be easily procured. While almost all opticians and eye hospitals keep a stock of these lenses, one can also place orders for lens online. But a prescription from an optician has to accompany the same.

Some associated compatibility issues

While silicone hydrogel helps solve almost all eye problems associated with their continuous use like dry eyes, allergies etc., there are certain complications that can arise too. Extended continuous wear of these lenses increases the risk of eye infection. However, the modern day silicone hydrogel lenses do not stick intensely to the surface of the pupil. This reduces the risk of infections from developing. 

There is also a likelihood of the following problems developing with continuous wear like:

  • Inflammation of the eye,
  • Soring of eyelids,
  • Deposits in the eye etc.

But all of these can be easily corrected with maintaining hygiene and ensuring proper maintenance of the contact lenses. Opting for an annual eye exam is mandatory for people using contact lenses regularly and the use of a soothing eye drop eliminates the problem of deposition. 

So useful are these lenses that today most eye doctors recommend silicone hydrogel contact lenses online for people with bad previous contact lens experience.