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How do you choose between a flat and fitted sheet?

fitted sheet

Flat and fitted sheets are the elements of the bedding set, both are used to cover the bed to protect it from getting dirty and any liquid spillage. Flat and fitted sheets are two different types of sheets but perform the same function. These sheets are used to provide comfort as well and keep the bedding covers in place and prevent slipping. The fitted sheets are used as the cover of a mattress, it is in a rectangle shape and is equal to the size of the mattress.

Fitted sheet has elastic edges that are used to keep the sheet in place and prevent slipping of bedding covers when you are using the bed. Whereas the flat sheet is larger in size as compared to fitted sheets, they are used as a top sheet for beds. It is laid over the fitted sheets as a decorative and comforting sheet. The fitted sheets are usually thought and do not contain any filling but the flat sheets may have a thin filling inside them to make the bed soft a smooth. For comfortable and smooth bedding, it is essential to have both of these sheets in comparable sizes & complementing fabric materials.

When it comes to choosing the fitted or flat sheets, both of these are made of many fabric materials from almost all types. We recommend you to go for the same fabric material for both of them, for instance, if you are buying a cotton fitted sheet, but a non-cotton flat sheet, it may not fit & stay well at its place. Cotton and linen are the best fabric materials for fitted sheets, as they are durable, washable, breathable, comfortable, non-allergic, and cheap in terms of price.

Tips for choosing the fitted sheet:

As stated earlier, fitted sheets are used to cover and protect the mattress, they have elastic bands at all the corners or all around to keep the fitted sheet at its place and do not let it slide when you sit on it. When shopping for them, make sure to have the exact dimensions of your mattress. These dimensions are usually written on the label on the mattress, if not you can measure them yourself.

For measuring the dimensions of the mattress all you need is an inches tape, measure the length of the mattress from head to foot side, then measure the width from left to right, and finally the height form any side top to bottom. The height refers to the fullness or thickness of the mattress. Note the height both in cm, and inches. The purpose of having the precise measurements is to avoid buying the wrong and unfitted (larger or than the mattress) smaller sheets.  A wrong size will do nothing to provide you comfort & prevent slipping, for example, if you but a larger sheet it will not fit on your mattress & will create a rough look by making the sheet sliding through all the sides and corners.

The next step is to determine the color and design of the fitted sheets, always go for lighter shades for the fitted sheet or it will create an imbalance by overpowering the top cover and ruining the appearance of your bed. For instance, if we have a small double bed & you buy a black small double fitted sheet and white or grey top sheet. Imagine what will happen!

The black small double fitted sheet will be quite visible from a top white or grey sheet & will create a rough and strange color. Maybe it makes your bed look dirty, stained, or rough. So always go for the lighter shades when it comes to buying the fitted sheets, white, dusty pink, light grey, sky blue, and beige are the suitable colors because they go well with any color & style of bedding.

Is it necessary to have a top sheet along with the fitted sheet?

People often confuse either they need a top sheet with a fitted sheet or not? Well, it all depends on you, your home your choice. The choice of top sheets totally depends on you, the need for the top sheet varies from place to place. For example, in Europe, fitted sheets and duvets are one needs to design the bed, in the United States, you need to add flat sheets, in between the top sheet and the fitted sheet along with the duvets and comforters to complete the look of your bedding.

The trends also vary with time, for example, there was a time when fitted sheets were all in all for bed designing, and then there came a top sheet, flat sheet, blankets, and duvets. The ancient fitted sheets were manufactured without elastic bands, instead, they had pockets that were used to tuck down under the mattress.

If you like the fitted sheet but do not like a stuffed bed surrounded with pillows, covers, duvets, and throws. Then you can adopt a simple combination of fitted sheets and comforter along with two pillows only, fold the comforter at the foot side to give a designer feel. The fitted sheets look better and classier than the top or flat sheets, therefore they are more popular.

It is common to use a duvet instead of duvet if you are using a fitted sheet only, the duvet cover acts as a top sheet, it is spread like an ordinary bedding cover but on 3/4th of the bed, 1/4th space is left at the head side of the bed to place pillows and cushions, the duvet is preferred to fold at the foot side. Duvets are warmer and softer and therefore, protect & warm your bed well, their usage also lessens the frequent need of washing the fitted sheets as they are laid on the bed for the whole day and do not let it get dirty or stained.

In fact, the best way to do it is to actually try different options yourself and see which is the most comfortable for you. Of course, it may be a bit expensive to buy all those different sheets, but if you do the shopping during major seasonal sales like, for example, Memorial Day sales, you can purchase quality items at very low prices!

In the end, it’s all about your preferences, how you choose to design your bed and what changes you are willing to make.

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