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How to deactivate Facebook – Best Easy Trick

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If you really worried about your privacy or you simply want to delete your Facebook account because you no longer use it. We explain how to deactivate Facebook 2020 in just a few seconds. Of course, keep in mind that you can also temporarily deactivate it until you decide to use it again.


So, guys in this article I’m going to describe from the initial step of these tricks.


Getting know: How to deactivate facebook 2020


how to deactivate Facebook

Therefore If you are serious about the deactivation of FB profile forever, it is unrecoverable. Therefore it is a decision that you must meditate well. Luckily, there are other options that we will also explain, such as the temporary deactivation of your account.


I’m going to talk about a simple problem with Facebook.  Therefore The problem is, if someone deactivates their Facebook account, they cannot deactivate their messenger. From this article,  you will get the best solution. Let’s get started. 


  • At first, you have to enter the official Facebook website.   You need to go to the setting and privacy option. Now click on this setting option.  


  • You give an option for personal information.  Click here. Now click on Manage Account. Click on this deactivation option.  


  • Now you need to provide your Facebook password here. Press Next.  Now you need to tell Facebook why you are disabled. 


  •  You can choose anyone from there.  Click on Deactivate. Okay, your Facebook is now disabled.  


  • Therefore you have to deactivate your messenger to get to the messenger. 
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  • Press Next, you need to click the top right; after that, you need to scroll this page.  You will receive data protection and terms of use. Click there.  


  • You will give an option. Now you need to indicate that your phaser process is already continuing to disable the.  


Press OK!  Now Facebook and Messenger are disabled.  After logging in, both reactivated.


How to deactivate Facebook on computer


Due to the recent scandal over the leakage of personal data of the users of the social network, Facebook accused of being too lax in managing the privacy of its users. Few want to delete their Facebook account permanently, although we warn again: there is no going back.


Without delay, we explain how to do it from a mobile device. On the computer, it is the same.


Before deleting your Facebook account, we recommend that you download the Facebook data and click this card to learn how to download your Facebook data to your computer. 


 Here are the steps to delete your Facebook account using a computer. 


  • After the backup, log in to your Facebook account with the username and password.  Now click on that little down arrow icon and select Settings.  


  • After picking the option, maybe you will find the “General Account Settings page,” and from here, select Edit next to Manage Account. 


  • After selecting “Edit,” you will see two options that will allow you to delete your Facebook account permanently.  


  • It is not the option we’re looking for as you can read about it here, as well as an option to disable your Facebook account.  
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  • If you choose to Deactivate, you can reactivate at any time.  People can’t see your timeline or look for you. Some information may remain visible to others.  


  • However, if you choose Delete Account, you will not be able to regain access once they are deleted after 14 days.

Process of deleting your Facebook account

If you have decided to finally crush your Facebook profile and never want to use it again, then you should delete your Facebook account completely. It will delete all of the content you have ever uploaded, such as status updates, pictures, and life events.


Besides, your friends can no longer see your Facebook timeline, and other users can no longer find you on the network. However, once the data deleted, you can never restore it. So save your memories beforehand that you still want to keep. Besides, you can no longer use Facebook Messenger and log in with Facebook for other services, such as Spotify.



Whatever reason you use to run away from the most popular social network in the world, it is yours, and you have every right to do so. If you simply want to deactivate your Facebook account temporarily, you can do it quickly.


Therefore I hope you will properly understand how to deactivate facebook 2020  in a short time. If you have any asks don’t forget to know us via email or comment us on the blog.