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How Do A EMS Hips Trainer Work?

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With the ever rising rave about round butts and hips being the key ingredient to a perfect female physique and a major endowment that a woman must possess to get satisfaction with herself, the whole gyms have gone in frenzy as no female wants to be left behind. They all want to be a spec. From the squats to the lunges, it all seems to be a whole suicide process. The after workout sores and the excruciating pain resulting from the muscle contractions is enough to send a whole bunch of ladies away from the perimeter of a gym house. Only the dedicated ones with the resilience and determination are left in those gym centers. 

Due to this pressing desire to have rounder hips and thicker glutes, the science and tech guys decided to manufacture something that everyone can ease into at any time and place, and so the hips trainer came about. A practical solution designed to be ergonomically while building muscles around the glutes and hip region. It’s some new technological innovation which uses electrical impulses to stimulate the gluteal muscles in such a way that they contract and relax as though you’re exercising.

Many hip trainers exist and its usually difficult to know which one fits your particular needs or body goals. However, the EMS hips trainer may be the perfect fit for you.

Let us properly analyze it so you could understand what it is, and how it fits on to your body goals and routines.


Through electronics button and muscle stimulators, this device helps to stimulate both your hips and glutes to be firmer and my shapely. So, if you are insecure about your flat buttocks, or your buttocks are not symmetrical, this device helps to set it in place and help pop out your figure.

Squats, lunges and exercises targeted at building buttocks and hip muscles sometimes seem to be the most painful and the most difficult. If you’ve been working out for quite some time with little or no results to show for the work you put in your buttocks routines and all the sweat and hardwork that goes with it, you may consider getting yourself an EMS hips trainer. It is objectively easier to you and since it is the leading hips trainer in the market today, it may turn out to be perfect for you to finally have that dream body you so crave. 


  1. U-SHAPED PAD: The device has U- shaped pads designed to covert the major regions of the hips and buttocks, the stimulator then takes control and strengthens the muscles and glutes. .
    2.  ELECTRICAL STIMULATION: The device uses an electrical stimulator to stimulate the buttock and hip muscles, with its U-shaped pads, it covers all the regions and pumps out the muscles, so no need for squats, or lunges or any other strenuous work, the electric stimulator does the weight lifting. 
  2. EASY TO USE: The device is also very famously easy to use, there is no stress involved, you can build your butt muscles and hips hassle-free and perfect enough to suit your body needs, and the more you use it, the more toned your muscles become, giving you that perfect shape you’ve always wanted. If you are looking for a hips trainer that does not require complicated manuals, or excessive supportive devices, you may want to consider this one.
  3. EASILY ACCESSIBLE: As earlier mentioned, the EMS hips trainer seems to be the most common which makes it easily accessible on the market today, it has built its reputation by being the most desired and most demanded for which seems to set it apart from the rest of the hips trainers.


STEP 1: Slide the battery cover off – this is the only way to access the batteries which is the first thing you must do before using this hips trainer

STEP 2: Install the correct battery type- the correct type of battery this device uses is the 2PCS AAA battery, also, it has to be correctly attached before you can commence use, this is very important. 

STEP 3: Attach the device: the device should then be immediately be attached to the hips pad. The hips pad is U-shaped and is eventually what lies on the buttocks while the stimulation is ongoing

STEP 4: Remove the storage sheets for better use and better maintenance. 

STEP 5: Next, you position the hip pads onto your hips and make sure it is placed and positioned correctly; you could look at pictures to make sure you are on the right path. 

STEP 6: The next thing to do is to press the �on’ button to bring the device to life and get the stimulators to get to work. 

STEP 7: One amazing thing about the device is that you get to choose your own modes. So depending on what you want to work on, choose your mode.

STEP 8: You can also go ahead and increase the intensity of the muscle stimulation. This is preferred for better results. You can do this by pressing the ON/INC button again. 

STEP 9: When you are done, you can decrease the intensity of completely switch off the device by pressing the OFF/DEC button. 

STEP 10: After the muscle stimulation on your first day, you can flex and if you look in the mirror carefully, you may even begin seeing certain changes. 


  1. The hips trainer is perfectly designed for hips training and can shape the buttocks and line up the hips perfectly
  2. the technology is advanced and top notch compared to others which explains why It leads in the market
  3. Powerful muscle stimulation features. The device has 6 simulation modes according to your choices and preferences. 
  4. The device is also very easy to use and gives a skin friendly experience. So it doesn’t irritate the skin
  5. Depending on your body goals, with at least 20mins muscle stimulation, you may well be on your way to achieving your body goals in a short period of time. 


  1. The device seems to be the most demanded and so may be relatively expensive
  2. Only works for hips and buttocks and one may need to purchase more tools for abs toning

However, all In all, the EMS hips trainer may be perfect for those who want fast results and have the resources to purchase it.