How did iGaming take the World by Storm?

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Internet gambling, or iGaming, has become a global revolution, with the worldwide revenue of online casinos exceeding $37 billion in 2015 and expected to rise to over $59 billion by 2020. The internet has allowed the casino industry to evolve and provide an experience that is more appealing to mass audiences than visiting a land-based casino. This is all down to convenience, advanced games, and attractive bonuses.

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One major factor that helped online casinos take off is the fact that they can be played at any time. Real-world gambling houses are often constrained by laws on opening hours, and although some operate on a 24-hour basis, many people don’t want to venture out in the middle of the night. The online casino provides players with all the same games such as roulette, blackjack, slots, and poker, but they can be played from the comfort of their own homes. You can’t walk out to the casino holding a cup of tea and wearing a dressing gown, can you?

The games on offer at these sites served to pull in more players, as sites found themselves unlimited in how many games they could offer and what types of games. For instance, a slot game like Karate Pig (see video below) that is only played by a relatively small number of players would be taking up vital space in a real casino, but online the operators can house as many games as they desire instead of just offering the most popular titles. In this way, they can appeal to niche audiences. In this Royal Vegas online casino Canadian review, it states that the site has over 600 games, including 200 different slot machine games and 50 variations of table games. Imagine how large the casino would have to be if these were all physical tables and slots. To put this into perspective the biggest casino in the world, the Venetian Macao, has 870 table games. The slots online in particular have become more advanced as well, and are looking to attract gamers with their engaging side games.

Because there are thousands of online casinos all vying for players, most popular online slots sites have highly appealing sign-up offers to try to win customers over. For instance, Lucky 47 offers a deposit match of up to $500 to new players, and Betway has a $1,500 welcome bonus. This allows players to make the most of multiple bonuses and limit the amount of their own money that they risk. Even if land-based casinos offered such tantalising incentives, it would be hard to visit them all and make the most of the separate offers.

With technology becoming even more advanced, iGaming could reach new heights in the near future. To attract console gamers who are interested in immersive games like The Witcher, developers are hoping to use VR to add more dimensions to slot games. In a VR setting, when players land a special feature they could be transported to another playing area in which they have to take part in skills challenges. Classic games like roulette are also getting VR makeovers from developers like Microgaming.

With the scope to create almost any type of game and gambling experience online, it is no surprise that iGaming has become so popular. And with VR set to take the world by storm in the next few years, the best is yet to come.

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