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How can I increase my kerb appeal?

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When selling a house, homeowners will look at ways to increase the appeal of the inside of the house, but often forget about the outside. My Kerb appeal is a really important part of selling, with some viewers already making their decision to not buy from the outside of a property. We know that selling your house is an incredibly stressful process, so we’ve put some helpful tips together to help!

What is kerb appeal?

You’ve probably heard the phrase kerb appeal several times before but knowing what it means is the first step to improving it. Kerb appeal refers to how attractive your house is from the outside, and what impression it gives to your potential buyers when they see it. Generally, when someone is looking to buy a house, they will look at several different properties before narrowing down which ones they want more information on. More often than not, the houses that get dismissed don’t have the same kerb appeal as the others. 

Making sure that you improve your kerb appeal will improve your listing and encourage potential buyers to consider your home more seriously.

How can I increase kerb appeal?

  • Update your front door

There are several ways that you can update your door, and the difference that it can make to the front of your property is incredible. Some homeowners decide to replace their front door, but if this isn’t in your budget, you’re still able to refresh it to be more attractive and welcoming.
Recently, it’s become very popular for homeowners to repaint their front doors in a brighter, more eye-catching colour. This not only makes your house stand out more but will usually cover any scuffs and marks on the door to make it look newer too. 

Now more than ever, we’re seeing a lot of homeowners embracing bold, bright colours for their front doors and it works wonders in making them stand apart from the crowd. Some of the most popular colours are –

  • Navy blue
  • Glossy black
  • Lilac
  • Postbox red
  • Yellow
  • Matte grey. 
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You can pick the colour that you like the most and see how different your house looks with just a lick of paint! 

  • Clear driveways

Taking some time to clean your driveway can make your house look much more welcoming. Pressure washing is the best option, as it removes the build-up and will reveal the true colour of the driveway too – especially for concrete, tarmac, or paved driveways, you’ll likely have a layer of dirt that can cause the surface to be discoloured and a little slippery, especially in wet weather

Cleaning your driveway will make it look brighter, better maintained, and increase your kerb appeal for any visitors interested in buying your house. 

  • Brighten it up

Adding colour to the front of your house is a great way to increase your kerb appeal. Plants are a very easy way to do this and gives you plenty of options as you can pick the flowers that you want and the colours that you prefer. Hanging baskets are a popular option and ideal for any home that doesn’t have as much space at the front as it stops the porch area look too cluttered. Another option if you have more space is to get some standing pots and place this around, but make sure not to go too overboard as it can be overwhelming if you have too many. 

You can also add some colour with wind chimes and other little decorations such as garden gnomes, giving your home a more lived-in feel. Make sure if you choose to add these that you don’t pick too many, as it can make the front of your house look very cluttered and this in turn can put buyers off. 

  • Move the bins
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We all know how important dustbins are, but we also know that they’re quite unsightly so where possible, moving them out of view is a good way to improve your kerb appeal. Often, bins are kept at the front of the house, but if you’re able to move them to the side or to the back you should. For terraced houses this isn’t really an option, but you can arrange them so they aren’t as noticeable when you approach the property. Try to move them away from the front door if you can, and line them up behind one another so they don’t stretch along the drive.
If you’re selling in the spring and summer months, it’s even more important to move your bins away from the front door as the heat will often result in smelly bins. This can seem like a minor factor, but your viewers will be making mental notes of absolutely everything and can be put off by something exactly like this. Making these small changes could be the difference between you selling and not selling, so make sure to take the time and focus on the little things!

For some homeowners, improving kerb appeal just isn’t an option. Whether you don’t have time to make the changes, or you simply don’t want to, there are still other options. If you’ve been wondering, ‘how can I sell my house quickly?’ you can enquire with quick sale companies that will be able to offer you a faster timeframe.