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Report: House of the Dead Scarlet Dawn Could Be Getting A Console Port

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SEGA announced a new arcade game of House of the Dead in Japan a few days ago, called Scarlet Dawn, a fully developed title with the Unreal Engine 4 graphics engine. Although the game is exclusive to Japan, there is a small interesting note that fans of the series will be thrilled to know.

A user of the forum in question has made it known that he participated in the Location Test in a game room in Tokyo, at the end of the test the players were subjected to a survey on the general quality of the product, and also a specific question was asked to express their interest in a console port for the House of the Dead Scarlet Dawn.

Game surveys do not automatically mean that a title is already under development, but more than anything else for developers and publishers to understand if there is any feedback from fans.

You can check the complete information of the game shared by the user below:

Game takes place 3 years after HOTD4.
-Protagonists are Kate and Ryan, James Taylor’s brother.
-The style seems to build very specifically on HOTD4 with the uzi as the main weapon and huge hordes of zombies.
-The location test has chapters 0 and 1; after chapter 0 it looks like you can choose a route in the full game but only one option is available for the loctest.
Difficulty for normal mode seems on par with HOTD4.
-There didn’t seem to be anything that restored life (pickups or rewards for rescues/good level scores), that may have just been turned off for the location test though. There are coins and stuff hidden in boxes (one had a top hat in it lol).
-The boss of chapter 1 is Chariot; Ididn’t catch if they explained how/why he’s back.
-Normal mode has situational automatic weapon changes, apparently in “master mode” you can switch weapons freely, but I haven’t tried it yet.
-The first two chapters had a grenade launcher, shotgun & rocket launcher at various points.
-The cab design is pretty cool, it’s the standard sit-down style you see for shooty games lately.
-The gun isn’t mounted, gun design is similar to the HOTD4 gun and it has a secondary trigger on the front that didn’t seem to do anything in normal mode.
-There’s a coolass lightup zombie on the back.
-I didn’t feel the various types of force feedback all that much? i.e. seat motion, air blasts, etc. – I mostly only felt them during the boss.
-Good force feedback for the gun though.
-The sound design is nice and there’s an “explosive sound mode” you can toggle on or off (some of the dialogue was impossible to hear but what else is new for arcade games).
-The post-game survey has a question asking if you would be interested in a console port.

This obviously does not mean that the game is being developed for the home platforms, but SEGA seems interested in evaluating the opinions of the public on this.

And what about you, would you like to see House of the Dead Scarlet Dawn to release on consoles? Let us know about your opinion in the comments below.