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Hotline Miami 2 Unofficial Patch download available for PC


To satisfy players of Windows XP harmed by the developers, a fan prepared a patch to launch Hotline Miami 2 on the older OS.

Available since last week, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number met with mixed reviews. However, some players have released their fork and rumble with Dennaton Games and Devolver Digital because of the incompatibility of the title with Windows XP, despite the statement that affirmed the support of the operating system on the Steam page of the game before its release. If the system requirements have since been updated, players who pre-ordered Hotline Miami 2 are no less outraged. To solve the problem, a modder has proposed its own alternative.

At the forums dedicated to the game on Steam, it is now possible to find an unofficial patch for launching Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number on a PC running Windows XP. To install, just unzip the file archive, available for download from here, in the game folder and launch the hm2_xp_patch.bat.

Some bugs are still listed with this patch, especially when using DirectX 9. It is strongly recommended to set launch options in the game so that it starts with OpenGL. To do this, right click on Hotline Miami 2 in your Steam library, then go to “Properties” and then “Set launch options …” to finally add the words “-gl” (without quotes). Other problems may be encountered, such as when changing graphics settings for example, but at least the game starts. You can find more information about this unofficial page at this address.

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