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Hotel Barcelona Horror Project Announced by Suda51 & Swery, May Release on Nintendo Switch

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As planned, IGN Japan today shared a new Direct starring the creator of No More Heroes, Suda51, and the director of Deadly Premonition, Swery. In the broadcast, they have confirmed a new project called Hotel Barcelona that could release on Nintendo Switch.

The title, Hotel Barcelona, is based on a collaboration that they were going to create for PSVR before it was canceled and in which they have wanted to work since 2018. It is a horror project closer to an indie title than a Triple-A game. They have talked to Devolver Digital to publish the project, a company that has given them a budget of one million dollars.

For now, many more details about the project are not known, only that they want it to be simple and easy to play and that they plan to launch it on platforms such as mobiles, Nintendo Switch or Stadia. Those are the three platforms they have mentioned so far.

They also highlight that the game gives importance to the timelines, to suspense rather than to horror itself, and reiterate that they still need to specify many details, including the place where it will take place, since they have not confirmed that it will be Barcelona.