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Hot air balloon into space! Start-up plans to offer tourist

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The start-up Space Perspective wants to offer flights with a hot air balloon into space from 2024. The trip at the height of 30 kilometers takes almost six hours and should cost around 110,000 euros. Hot air balloon into space is starting up the plans to offer the many tourists flight. In this article, I’ll describe this topic. Are you ready? Let’s get started.     



Getting know: Hot air balloon into space tourism is getting closer.


Due to the rapid development of space technology and the entry of private companies, space tourism is getting closer and closer. The intimate space company SpaceX has already announced that it will be carrying out tourist flights promptly, and new providers are now entering the market. Space Perspective was founded by Jane Poynter and Taber MacCallum after previously announcing projects in this area. Hydrogen balloon of tourists flying through space. Space Perspective wants to offer tourist flights with an aircraft that is similar to a hot air balloon. The balloon is about the size of a football stadium and filled with gas that is lighter than air and can, therefore, fly quickly in space. 


The capsule equipped with a bar – Hot air balloon into space

For this, Space Perspective uses hydrogen to be able to operate sustainable tourism. At the balloon, a capsule via steel cable attached to the eight people to accommodate. The tablet equipped with panoramic windows, which both have a 360-degree view of the earth offers, as well as protects the passengers from UV radiation. Also, the capsule equipped with a bar, as well as instruments and sensors that intended to provide passengers and pilots with as much information as possible. The base of the capsule is circular and designed for gentle landings in the water.

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6 hours flight at the height of 30 kilometres

Hot air balloon into space


A space perspective flight should take almost 6 hours and take place at an altitude of just under 30 kilometres. At this height, both the curvature of the earth and the contrast of dark space to the planet observed. The stars and even a sunrise found on the trip. According to the company, passengers get knowledge about an area on this excursion, but can also relax with a glass of champagne. The flight should also be bookable for celebrations and even weddings.


Conclusion on Hot air balloon into space

Despite the privatisation, space tourism initially a costly undertaking. The price for the 6-hour flight currently estimated at just under 110,000 euros. More detailed information on the cost of a Space Perspective flight will follow later this year. In 2021, the first tickets are to be sold, and a first crewless test flight carried out—the first flights with tourists scheduled to start in 2024. I hope you enjoy the Hot air balloon into space this article. If you have any query, you may email us or comment below.