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Horizon Zero Dawn Lead Writer Reveals Cut Content And More

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Horizon Zero Dawn celebrated one year of its launch on March 1 and to celebrate it, the lead writer Ben McCaw participated in a question and answer session on Reddit, revealing some unknown details about the game of Guerrilla Games.

McCaw explains that a territory was eliminated from the final version of Horizon Zero Dawn, although he did not detail the area and the reason for its discarding. Regarding the content that could not reach the game highlights a mission in which Aloy would have visited an Oseram territory, “going to shake things up a bit.”

The scriptwriter thanked Sony for supporting Guerrilla by playing the game they wanted, without asking questions. “In addition to making it a kick-ass story about machines and tribes and epic threats to the world, we wanted it to be personal. We wanted it to be about bonds of love that cross generations, ties that can survive any destructive force. And on a very basic level, we wanted it to be about a woman’s search for her mother.”

On inspiration, he says that some of the main missions were inspired by films like Ben-Hur or The Ten Commandments, while for the expansion of The Frozen Wilds the reference was made by the science fiction film 2010.

Horizon Zero Dawn, an open-world adventure set in a future in which wild robots have taken over the planet and in which humans survive as they organize themselves living into tribes, came out at the beginning of the year with great success.

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