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Horizon Zero Dawn will take 30 to 50 hours for game completion

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There is not much time for the exit of Horizon Zero Dawn, and there are always more details that are shared on the web by those who have got to try the game in previews. New information have emerged recently about the longevity of the title that, according to estimates by some Tech.Mic, prepares around 30 to 50 hours or more to the completion of the game.

To be precise, the portal lets us know that its editors have employed a time ranging from 20 to 40 hours to complete the main story of Horizon Zero Dawn, with some side quests included, but also shows the data relative to other websites: only 30 hours to finish the main story and 50 hour with side quests as stated by Twinfinite, about 30 hours from Giant Bomb, and finally 60 hours from Kotaku, completing about 80% of the game.

Certainly, the longevity of a title can vary according to each user’s playing style, but these figures suggest clearly that Horizon Zero Dawn will be a challenging title, which will require much of our time, especially if we intend to engage ourselves in secondary missions and in the exploration of the game world.

In short, the count also affects the approach of each player to the title in question that has a certain degree of subjectivity, however, we can say with some certainty that Horizon Zero Dawn is an action game very long.