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Horizon Zero Dawn will not have microtransactions

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Now-a-days, more and more Triple A titles include microtransactions to allow players to buy with real money new content and upgrades. But this will not be the case for Horizon Zero Dawn.

Responding to a question on Twitter, Guerrilla Games has indeed confirmed that their new title will not include microtransactions of any kind, therefore, you can not unlock upgrades and experience points by payingfor it, all the contents of the game can be obtained simply by playing.

Horizon Zero Dawn will be available in North America on 28 February and in Europe from March 1, exclusively on PlayStation 4.

In recent days, Sony Interactive Entertainment has released a new Story Trailer of the title of Guerrilla Games. The video, which you will find listed at the end of this article, introduces us in more depth to the narrative that will characterize the title, and allows us to begin to become familiar with the secondary characters, including members of the tribe in which Aloy, the main protagonist, is it’s part.

The trailer also returns to exhibit striking and artistically inspired glimpses of the game world, as well as to show the might of the huge robotic creatures that roam these lands.

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