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Horizon Zero Dawn unlock time and pre-load details revealed

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After a long wait, in the last date of this February month (on 28) Horizon: Zero Dawn will arrive as an exclusive title for PlayStation 4. If you are one of those who wants to play from the first minute we have some good news for you, as Sony has revealed the exact time you can begin to discover the history of Aloy, protagonist of the title of Guerrilla Games.

So, if you have already performed the pre-order of Horizon: Zero Dawn on the PlayStation Store you can start playing from February 27 at at 9 PM PT on Monday (that comes out to midnight ET on February 28). Also, we know that the preload will be available 48 hours before launch, so you’ll have plenty of time to download the game.

Earlier this week, Sony has mentioned that Aloy and Horizon: Zero Dawn will be a icon of PlayStation. This game will be starring Aloy, who is inspired by Ygritte, Game of Thrones. Originally Sony had concerns because the main role was female, and they even did several investigations to see how the public reacted; nevertheless, in the project of Guerrilla Games it was always in the sights to use a woman as a central character.

On the other hand, the company has released several videos to promote the game. Horizon: Zero Dawn will be available in this month on February 28th.

This information was revealed through a video, which you can see below: