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Horizon Zero Dawn Street Date Broken in South America


According to some reports, it seems that some stores in South America have broken the street date of Horizon Zero Dawn. Some users of NeoGAF have already come into possession of the game and on the forum notes are circulating too many spoilers about the plot.

It seems that some lucky players are already able to play the final version of Horizon Zero Dawn, the new action game of Guerrilla that was expected to release on February 28, 2017 on the PlayStation 4.


As evidenced by the picture shown above, leaked on the web through NeoGAF, it seems that the game is already out on the market somewhere, unofficially, and some users would be quietly playing the title, complete with spoiler also surfaced on NeoGAF, although everything is taken with the usual pliers, whereas these are just rumors.

Judging from the written language in Spanish on the packaging and the ESRB symbol, it seems that this is a copy for the South American market, however, there are no reports of uncontrolled leakages on the market in Europe, for the moment. Among the issues raised before the time there is also the leakage of the complete map of the exploitable world of Horizon Zero Dawn.

In recent days there had been talk of a break of day one in Brazil but the news was subsequently denied, the photos circulated in fact portrayed versions of the game of presentation of pre-orders, a simple empty case for store shelves.

There are no news of the street date broken with regard to North America and Europe, at least for the moment.

Recall that Horizon Zero Dawn will arrive in the US on February 28 while we in Europe players will have to wait until March 1 to get their hands on the new game of Guerrilla.