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Horizon Zero Dawn Possible Ending Leaked

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In recent hours it was leaked on the net the alleged ending of Horizon Zero Dawn: the spoiler comes from 4Chan, a channel decidedly unreliable, however, the author in the past has become the star of the leak who was truthful about the plot of Final Fantasy XV. Attention: the content published below contains huge spoilers about the game’s history, so read it on your own discretion.

Horizon Zero Dawn Screenshot

Before you read on, we remind you once again that the following is the result of absolutely unconfirmed rumor, coming from 4Chan, if you do not want any kind of advances on the game you can stop reading here.

Spoiler Warning – According to the author of the leak, “The story twist is that this is the second cycle in this world. The main character, Aloy, discovers by visiting the Ancient Ruins of civilization at the end of the game that the ‘humans’ you see walking around, including you, are simply bio-machines from the first cycle that used biomatter to replicate, like humans reproduce. Humanity has been gone EVEN LONGER than we, the players, think at first. The corruption is never fully explained, it’s just established that it’s from an unknown source within the ruins, but there’s a hint it might have more importance in a sequel. The ending has Aloy basically choose between wiping out the robots or the bio-machines, since the robots were initially programmed by the original humans to wipe out the living creatures the bio-machines that yearned to live like humans hundreds of thousands of years ago feed off.”

What do you think of this possible ending? Recall that Horizon Zero Dawn will arrive in Europe February 28, 2017 exclusively on the PlayStation 4.