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Horizon Zero Dawn Playable Demo won’t be released, Hard Difficulty mode confirmed


Guerrilla Games recently held a livestream on Twitch to show several contents that will be present in Horizon Zero Dawn and discuss the main mechanics that characterize its action RPG title. Two members of the development team, Jeron Roeding and Victor Zuylen, have denied that a demo of the game will be released on the PlayStation Store, and then move on to talk about the difficulty of the game.

During a recent livestream broadcasted on Twitch, Jeron Roeding and Victor Zuylen (Community Manager and Community Editor of Guerrilla Games) have confirmed that Horizon Zero Dawn will not have a playable demo and then talked about the hard difficulty mode in the game.

Horizon Zero Dawn is an incredibly vast game and a playable demo would not be able to give back in any way the feeling of a full experience, that is why the firm has chosen to focus on game development instead of investing resources in developing a demo version of the title.

The adventure will be dealt with by selecting the level of difficulty that pleases us, with a mode designed for more experienced players, in which the enemies will be toughest and inflict greater damage to Aloy, and healing items will be very small compared to their normal amount. To play at this difficulty, you will need to pay special attention to the development of the skills of our heroine.

Horizon Zero Dawn will be available from February 28 exclusively on PlayStation 4, all those who will carry out the pre-order will receive a gift of Aloy sack girl key ring: HeartEyes.

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