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Horizon: Zero Dawn New Promotional Spot Revealed

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Sony has released a new promotional spot to support the imminent exit of Horizon: Zero Dawn, anticipated action RPG title developed by Guerrilla Games. The short promotional spot is dedicated to British television networks, and allows you to admire environments, enemies and frantic fight scenes.

There is little time for Horizon Zero Dawn to hit stores, and for that reason Sony wanted to publish a new video about the much awaited open world adventure of Guerrilla Games for PS4. This video corresponds to the television advertisement of the game in United Kingdom, and is available at the end of this news.

One of the most interesting points of this TV spot is the way it shows how it has affected the passage of time to the world of Horizon Zero Dawn, moving from a modern civilization to a world where the wild machines reign with the uncontrolled nature, and will serve as the background to Aloy’s adventures in the game.

In recent days, Guerrilla has shared several videos dedicated to the gigantic and menacing creatures that populate the lands of its open world, among which we find the Snapmaw, the Thunderjaw, the Behemoth and Stormbird.

Leaving you with the video of the promotional spot that you can find at the end of this article, remember that Horizon: Zero Dawn will release on 28 February 2017 exclusively on the PlayStation 4. Guerrilla Games has confirmed that there are no plans of a playable demo before the final release of the game.