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Horizon: Zero Dawn mysteries could be resolved in a sequel, according to game Writer

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After a long wait, Horizon: Zero Dawn is finally available to fans of PlayStation 4. However, there is something clear in the world of video games: the second parts can always happen.

Guerrilla Games has some stories stored in the drawer, because during an exclusive interview with LEVEL UP, Horizon Zero Dawn writer, John Gonzalez, revealed that the mysteries of the game will not be fully revealed, at least for the time being.

Gonzalez was very clear in saying that the story of Aloy will be fully clarified, because they feel the great commitment with the players to answer every one of the doubts that are presented at the beginning of the game.

“We did not want to be bother you with questions whose answers were not very good in the end,” he said. “The promise was that if you played from beginning to end, you would discover the origin of Aloy and what happened to this world. We answered those questions and spent a lot of time making those responses meaningful and surprising.”

On the other hand, the world of Horizon: Zero Dawn will offer extra information that will generate doubts in players, be it about the past of this post-apocalyptic world or the future of Aloy.

“However, there are other mysteries that will appear, there are events that the player will not understand and we did that because we did not want to take away the mystery of this world, because it would have felt small and simple,” continued Gonzalez. “We wanted there was always something more that would invite you to ask ‘what else is there out there?’ There are many stories that were not told in the game and which we have in documents. Many things that happened in the past, who knows if in at some point these stories will come to light.”

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Obviously, this invites us to think about a Horizon : Zero Dawn sequel. Gonzalez mentioned that, for now, Guerrilla Games is not working on a continuation, but noted that they would be happy to return to this world.

“Obviously, this does not mean that we are already working on a sequel, we just try to make the game as good as possible, but we do see unlimited potential for our character and the world we created, and we would be happy to explore it further.”

So, there you have it, you should better explore the whole world of Horizon: Zero Dawn to start speculating on what Guerrilla Games will offer with a second part.

Also, remember that the future of Aloy is almost guaranteed, as Sony Interactive Entertainment has mentioned that it represents the future of PlayStation, so it is only a matter of time to know what will happen to the franchise.