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Horizon Zero Dawn leak reveals longevity of the game (spoiler)

Yesterday, a user of 4Chan has unveiled the supposed ending of Horizon Zero Dawn, today the insider in question has returned taking the charge of talking about the longevity and revealing details about the additional content. Warning: as reported earlier this may contain spoilers about the plot and the mechanics of the gameplay of Horizon Zero Dawn.

In accordance to the reports from the source, the campaign would require about 20 hours to be completed while to complete the 100% adventure would be required approximately 45 hours. The insider also made it known that DLC for the game do not seem to be planned, although between the summer and autumn developers should make available the unspecified Arena mode.

“Game takes 20 hours to complete, around 45 hours to 100%, difficulty level Zero Dawn unlocked upon completion, makes every robot creature corrupted, with a few different AI moves and loot

No story DLC planned, but an arena mode will come in Q2-Q3 2017

You can override pretty much any creature in the game. The flying creature will actually let you fly around the map, which is pretty cool. It’s one of the last things you learn in the game

The world is huge. It’s Witcher 3’s Velen huge, with no oceans as a cheat to increase size. Desert, Tropical forest, hills, ancient ruins, snow mountains are the ‘biomes’. Feels like a very traditional RPG, which is surprising to see coming from Guerrilla”

We reiterate that the above is only the result of a rumor from an unverified source and from a poorly unreliable channel. The author of the leak also unveiled the ending of the Horizon Zero Dawn, if you want to read it you can click on this link.

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