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Horizon: Zero Dawn Launch Trailer Released

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Sony and Guerrilla Games have today released the launch trailer of Horizon Zero Dawn, the next exclusive title of PS4 which will debut on the market this February 28.

Only a few days separate us now from the output of Horizon Zero Dawn and Sony and Guerrilla Games have just released the launch trailer of Horizon: Zero Dawn, their next big bet for the PlayStation 4 that will go on sale in less than a week, exclusively for the PS4 console. The video presents us, in three minutes, the fascinating game world and the dangerous creatures that inhabit it, the protagonist and her special abilities.

According to the reactions of those who got to play Horizon Zero Dawn in advance, it seems that this new title of Guerrilla Games has really remarkable aspects, so that even Aaryn Flynn of BioWare and Hideo Kojima wanted have given compliments to the studio for the ambitious project.

In Horizon: Zero Dawn you will put yourself in the skin of Aloy, a young explorer who must discover why mankind has been finally relegated to living in tribes hundreds of years after its great technological heyday. The game has a huge open world to explore.

For many, Horizon: Zero Dawn is one of the best bets that has the exclusive catalog of PlayStation 4 during this first quarter. The sales estimates of the game for the whole year speak of that it will be able to ship 8 million units worldwide.