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Horizon: Zero Dawn Devs Join Mafia III Studio for A New Unannounced Open World Game

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Most of the developers are in constant movement and the completion of one project supposes the beginning of another, sometimes in different companies. This is the case of a couple of developers who participated in Horizon: Zero Dawn, that will now join Hangar 13, the studio responsible for Mafia III.

According to reports, David Ford and Mark Norris, designer and executive producer of Horizon: Zero Dawn respectively, are no longer working for Guerrilla Games and joined the new Hangar 13 project, under the supervision of 2K Games.

Ford announced his decision yesterday through his official Twitter account and along with Norris he is working on a project of Hangar 13 that has not yet revealed anything, but that already has in its ranks Simon Hamelin, programming leader of Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Jon Graham, technical director of Raven Software, who have supported Treyarch and Sledgehammer Games in the development of many titles of Call of Duty.

In addition, the information revealed that Hangar 13 is looking for a designer of combat and enemies systems, as well as creatives with experience in open-world games. Some opinions indicate that it could be a new title of Mafia and others think that it would be a new IP.

Do you think that the studio is working on Mafia 4 or a new IP? Tell us in the comments below.